Separated H&M Shirts for the Men

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Uploaded: 15th Apr 2009 at 8:54 PM
I thought i do mostly stuff for female sims and also have the most clothing for them and not very much for males. So i thought about something for the men and decided to do the nice shirts which came with the H&M Stuffpack as separate tops.
All in all there are 5 new meshes, 5 different shirt styles with their recolours.
Every mesh has a working fat morph and every shirt is bumpmapped.
I could combine them with nearly all bottoms in my game (it depends of the UV-map), sometimes the shirt sticks a bit in the bottom, but that´s not with all of them and i noticed it mainly in CAS.
You can download every shirt set separately, every set included mesh and recolours.

Here are the different shirts:

Luca Shirt

I don´t know why, but this was always one of my favourites... Comes in the original three colours.

Madras Shirt

This comes in 9 colours, the 4 originals which you can see in the picture below and i´ve made 5 additionals (you can see them in an extra pic at the download tab). These extra colours are in an extra folder in the rar file, so you can either keep or delete them

Uniform Shirt

This comes in the 4 original colours and 2 additionals (look in the download tab for a pic).

Uniform Shirt with Tie / Forge Shirt

In the left you can see the Uniform shirt with a funky tie and in the left the Forge shirt. The tie shirt comes in 3 original colours.
The Forge shirt comes in the 2 original colours which you can see below and i´ve made 4 other colours for it. Keep or delete them after downloading

So... the names weren´t my idea, maxis named them like this
Hope it isn´t to confusing with all the colours...

See you

PS: Maybe someone wants do to some recolours, i was a bit lazy...

Polygon Counts:
Forge Shirt: 1336
Luca Shirt: 1310
Madras Shirt: 1280
Uniform Shirt: 1346
Uniform Shirt with tie: 1418

Additional Credits:
The custom pants shown in the pics are by fanseelamb, Amaryll and tiggerypum.

Hair is by Callum91, fanseelamb, by me and of course maxis.

Glasses by tamo.