::Star Fleet Academy:: Young Adult Cadet Athleticwear (DS9/TNG:FC Era)

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Uploaded 19th Apr 2009 at 5:06 AM · Updated 19th Apr 2009 at 8:54 AM by Jenexell : Male mesh tweaked and now available for download.

Starfleet Academy: Department of Physical Training, and Starfleet Medical Academy proudly present.

Young Adult Cadet Athleticwear.

In three specialism colours PLUS Medical.

Boasting the either the Starfleet Academy: Department of Physical Training Logo or the Starfleet Medical Academy Logo (only available in blue)

For the sake of Canon:

The Department of physical Training, as far as I am aware, was made up by me. The logo definitly was. It is however based on the existing canon seal for Starfleet Academy. The main reason for doing this was the fact that the existing seal looks to me like a hazard warning sign, and also because it was a nightmare trying to make it look right on clothing (no wonder the show's creators never tried).

See this pic here for a comparison between the existing seal and my logo.

Starfleet Medical Academy is mentioned many times over all the variations of Trek, however, as far as I can work out, it's never been shown on screen. The logo I created for it is a combination of the Starfleet Medical logo, and the Starfleet arrow.


Female outfit uses a "frankenstien" Mesh of my own creation. The top half came from a University Mesh (one that was carried over from the base game) and the bottom half came from an Apartment Life mesh. (Does not require Free Time - Will work with Base game + University)

Male outfit uses a mesh originally from Free Time, but I've tweaked it slightly to get rid of a shadow I didn't like. LEFT]


[LEFT]As always thank you to Nixnivis for the inspiration. Especially her cadet outfits.

Much Love, awe and worship to the creators of SimPE, Unimesh, Milkshape and Wardrobe Wrangler. These awesome peices of software are... well awesome.

Textures made using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS2 (the creators of which will not be thanked as they must freekin' loaded)

::Terms of Use::

See readme.txt inside zip folders.

Polygon Counts:

Female Mesh
Polygon Count: 2106
Vertex Count: 1579

Male Mesh
Polygon Count: 2376
Vertex Count: 1631

Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male Female
Clothing Type: Athletic
Clothing Style: Sci-Fi
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

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