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Vintage dresses for mothers and daughters

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2009 at 12:19 AM
Updated: 29th Apr 2009 at 9:15 PM - adding mesh
Little girls love having a dress "just like Mommy's" and mothers sometimes enjoy dressing their daughters like clones of themselves. Here are some simple gingham shirtwaist dresses for look-alike dressing for all the ladies in the family. (Yes, Grandma can wear the adult dress too if she wants.) Classic styling in a variety of pastel colors is ornamented with tiny buttons, an ivory pique collar and a self-fabric belt.

Teens feel a need to be at least a bit different from Mom so their dresses are accessorized with a coordinating scarf. Mom's shoes are two-toned pumps in three different color combinations while the teens have a choice of oxfords or loafers. Mom's dress uses a mesh from All About Style which is included, while the teen dress requires a mesh from Nightlife.

Little girls' dresses are in a smaller scale check than the larger ones but are otherwise just like Mom's. They are accessorized with oxfords in a variety of colors. The mesh for this dress is also from All About Style and is also included in the rar.

Dresses for the smallest family members are in the same small-scale check as their bigger sisters but are in a different style. A pleated skirt hangs from a snug-fitting yoke which is ornamented with zigzag embroidery and a ribbon flower. The short skirt doesn't impede crawling and matching panties keep the diaper out of sight. High-top white leather shoes support wobbly ankles while baby takes her first steps. These are the shoes worn by almost all babies in the 40s and 50s. Pastel socks match the dresses.
The adorable mesh is from Eclectic Sims Snowstorm has kindly given me permission to include it in the rar file. Be sure and visit her site to see many other delightful toddler outfits and lots of other stuff too.

See pic below for closer views of some shoes.

Additional Credits:
Hair by Genensims, XMSims, Pronupsims, Fantasy Sims, DJMur, Melodie9 and Natrobo