Request : Goron's Bracelet from Zelda Ocarina of Time

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You got the Goron's Bracelet! Now you can pull up Bomb Flowers. Stand next to one and use A to pull it!

Hi everyone .

Yes I know, I don't stop meshing ^^'. This time, I want to share with you the Goron's Bracelet that Darunia, boss of Gorons, gave to Link to destroy monsters in the Dodongo's Cavern.

I made the mesh faithfully to the game but you will see that I made the Goron's emblem with rubies . So it can be a nice jewel.

The Goron's Bracelet, in Ocarina of Time, can be weared by Link when he is a child only but I decided to make it available to teens too (both genders). Sims can wear it with all kind of outfits (outerwear, undies, etc.).


Polygon Counts:
Faces=99 ; Vertices=93

Accessory Type: Bracelets
Age: Child Teen
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Gender: Male Female

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