OFB International Window Extras - Part I Single Tile

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2009 at 2:38 PM
Updated: 29th Sep 2010 at 3:26 PM
My favorite house and decorating style is modern, and I was thrilled when OFB included these very simple windows. Even though they are missing some some counter top height windows and privacy height, I still use them a lot. So I decided to add the heights that I wanted. This set contains Part I of the single tile windows.

Embrasure - This is the full height all glass version. I added three different heights. The Privacy lines up with the vents on the Breech, the Mid sits just above counters, and the Short falls in between.
  • Privacy
  • Short
  • Mid

Breech - This is the full height one with the vent on top. I added the full vent privacy, and the Mid height with the vent on top that sits just above the counters.
  • Privacy
  • Mid

All windows take there textures from the full size counterpart window in OFB.

Polygon Counts:
Breech Privacy/Diag - 252/252
Breech Mid/Diag - 340/340
Embrasure Privacy/Diag - 90/90
Embrasure Mid/Diag - 90/90
Embrasure Short/Diag - 90/90