AMjoie Wilds Breeds: Sheepish, Little Dear, Foxer, Wildcat

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Uploaded: 4th May 2009 at 11:28 PM
Updated: 15th May 2009 at 12:45 PM
Most of these AMjoie Wilds Breeds for the Pets expansion were on the AMjoie Virtual Life website, which sadly no longer exists. I have had requests to put these breeds online, again. So here they are.

My Wilds Breeds are not intended to mimic real creatures, but were created to give my faerie and farmer Sims some pet companions. They somewhat resemble deer, fawns, sheep, lambs, foxes and wild cats -- but expect them to do some things not normal for those critters (like Sheepish Dogs chewing on bones, and Foxer Cats using a scratching post).

(You must have the pink color unlocked in your game for my wilds to be correctly colored. If you haven't done this, yet, see instructions of how to do it in the comments section below.)

I use Strange_Girl's default cat nose replacement in my game, which is available at MTS2. I also use Nurse4Kitties default pet eye replacements. They are also available at MTS2.

I have never tried breeding the Dear Fawn and Sheepish Lamb breeds to the larger Dear and Sheepish breeds. I cannot guarantee good results, so if you try it, you are on your own.

Likewise, I have never tried to breed my Wilds Breeds to regular dogs and cats. Personally, I wouldn't try it, but some people like to live dangerously. LOL

Please note:

These breeds go into your PetBreeds folder. They will be included in the random filling of adoption slots, if you use the pet adoption option inside the game. To make sure only dogs and cats show up as potential adoptees, remove these wilds breeds from the PetBreeds folder before creating a new neighborhood.

Once the new neighborhood is created, be sure to put all your wilds breeds back into the PetBreeds folder.

If you don't use the adopt option for pets inside the game, it is really cute to see the deer/fawn, wildcat, and fox breeds wander around the neighborhood as strays. So, if you put only these breeds in your PetBreeds folder when you create a new neighborhood, you are guaranteed to have only wild strays. (You may not want sheep/lambs walking around as strays, though, so you may want to remove them from the breed folder when creating a new neighborhood.)

Once the new neighborhood is created, be sure to put all your other breeds back into the PetBreeds folder.