Art Nouveau Stairs - Now in many choices! Match any decor!

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2009 at 6:39 PM
Updated: 23rd May 2009 at 10:12 PM - Recolours work with open underneath Art Nouveau Modular Stairs
Not long ago cruising around this site I spotted Art Nouveau stairs in a different colour than what was given to us by Maxis. Then I find out that these are recolourable! I had never recoloured anything before (please be kind to the beginner), but the idea of having many different combinations of Art Nouveau Stairs drove me to learn how to do it myself. I like how they turned out so I thought I would share them.

You will have to download the original mesh from HugeLunatic here:

The above stairs don't require messing with any scripts because they override the Maxis originals.

These recolours also work with Hugeluatics Open Underneath Art Nouveau Modular Stairs found here:
Once you have followed the directions for getting the Art Nouveau Open Underneath Recolorable Modular Stairs into your game these recolours work the same way as on the original.

Thanks again HugeLunatic

I grabbed the wood textures I used from the KnockOnWood shelves from the AL EP. Just the textures, so these recolours will work in the base game just like HugeLunatics.

There are actually 25 package files to this download. I combined each colour of wood with each colour of metal.

Wood colours:


Metal colours:


I divided the package files into folders for each colour of wood. I gave the files names that make it easy to know what it is, so you only have to put the files you want in your download folder or drop the whole works in if you want.

To use these recolours; place the stairs normally and Use the recolour tool and recolour each individual step. If you have trouble with the second step go down a floor.

Also available are fence and gate recolours that match these recolours. Find them here.

I took some screen shots of different combinations to show how they match many different decors.

HugeLunatic allows the stairs to be uploaded with a lot. Go ahead and include my recolour if you want. Please link back to here so they can get all the colours. DO NOT UPLOAD TO THE EXCHANGE OR PAYSITES

Enjoy and Happy Simming

Additional Credits:
HugeLunatic for making the mesh and allowing recolours.
Numenor for his recolouring tutorial.