Hats conversion meshes, made to blend with Maxis.

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Uploaded 9th May 2009 at 11:11 PM · Updated 10th May 2009 at 2:13 AM by Layana

Linked to the maxis textures.
Family linked to all ages and colors.
Properly binned.
Sims will recognize these as hats.
Shows up as base game maxis content. (The delete button is still enabled *do not delete any of these hairs*)

These files will not replace, nor conflict with melodie9's, fakepeeps7's or DJ_Mur3's files.
Only blond is pictured, but all four colors are included for all hairs.

Angora, mesh required, get it here. "Hair" (pagepunk) mesh included thanks to melodie9!
Ballcap, meshes included thanks to melodie9!
Bucket, mesh required, get it here (teen and adult meshes are not needed.) "Hair" (longsimple) mesh included thanks to melodie9!
Cowboy, meshes included thanks to melodie9!

Angora_Blue, Ballcap_Grey, Ballcap_Yellow, Bucket_White, and Cowboy_Black are textures that had not been used (as far as I can tell.) So I made use of them, and they are included for all ages.

There are four versions to choose from, the differences are only which category they're available in. The "Hat" shows up in the following categories. The "Hair" (shown in the pictures) will be used in the other categories (always at least Undies, PJ's, Swim.)
Use only one version for each hat.

V1 Everyday, Outerwear, Maternity
V2 Everyday, Outerwear, Maternity, Formal
V3 Everyday, Outerwear, Maternity, Athletic
V4 Everyday, Outerwear, Maternity, Formal, Athletic

Every .rar comes with an extra package file to make these category changes.
Toddlers generally spend much of their time in PJ's, which means you will not see them in the hat often. To remedy this, I suggest taking a look at MogHughson's mod Dress toddlers correctly.

All files compressed using The Compressorizer!


melodie9 for all of her awesome conversion meshes that were used!
fakepeeps7 for the awesome conversion meshes that were used!
DJ_Mur3 for the awesome conversion meshes that were used!
gwillewyn whose packages I used to learn how to link to maxis textures.
Phaenoh for the "Genetics" section on her hair tutorial.
Jordi for the "How to" on removing the CC star.
The creators of SimPE.
jfade for The Compressorizer!