Grandma Untucked last part

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Uploaded: 15th May 2009 at 6:44 PM
Updated: 14th May 2009 at 7:57 AM
Info Grandma-Untucked last part

This is the last part of the Grandma Untucked series,
More separates for grannies that are compatible with the other meshes in the Grandma Untucked series.
You don't need any stuff- or expansionpack to use these meshes. Textures all categorized as casual offcourse, meshes have a working fatmorph and the UVmap is packed with the mesh.

Mesh-Coc-EFbottomChiqjeansHM 3 EAtextures Dustfinger made a slimmer shape that you can find here:

Mesh-Coc-EFtopGrannycardigan 1 texture for Cashew, I hope she will make us some nice new textures.

Mesh-Cococat-EFtopPuffysleeves 3 EAtextures 3d untucked top
Because this top kept clipping I now used the bottom part of the turtlenecktop from CatOfEvilGenius that you can find here :
Thank you Cat!!

Mesh Coc-EFtopPuffysleevesUN 6 textures knitsweater
Untuckable version of the puffysleeves.
Lenasha made "Winter colourful stripy sweaters in 4 colors" for Hysterical Paroxysm's af-untucked-top-mesh here and as she allows re-use of her textures, so I've made a blue stripey sweater with her texture for grandma, because I love it and for testing how the stripes flow on this mesh and included it with the mesh. Thank you for the lovely textures, Lenasha!

High time for me to go play the game, I have seen enough grannies for a while.

Big thanks to the SimPE team, and all the other nice people here on MTS2 for the tools and tutorials that made it possible to MTS2!

Polygon Counts:
Mesh-Coc-EFbottomChiqjeansHM polycount= 850
Mesh-Coc-EFtopGrannycardigan polycount= 1458
Mesh-Cococat-EFtopPuffysleeves polycount= 1254
Mesh Coc-EFtopPuffysleevesUN polycount= 1158

Additional Credits:
Special thanks the creators that allow recolors from their work and to CatOfEvilGenius for getting me interested in separates again, and for her generous helpfull instructions, tutorials, tools and encouragement.
All untuckable top textures use the alpha texture from the pink Tshirt from Hysterical Paroxysm and Fanseelamb.