AMjoie Dog Breeds: Part Two -- Large Dogs (Two Dozen)

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Uploaded: 14th May 2009 at 9:27 PM
Updated: 20th May 2009 at 5:10 PM
Most of these large dog breeds used to be on the AMjoie Virtual Life website, which sadly no longer exists. I have had requests to put these breeds online, again. So here they are. (Some have been added, and some are updated. So you may want to check out the changes and additions.)

I have not shown photo comparisons to real breeds because I do not believe the Sims 2 game gives us the right tools to even come passably close to approximating a real breed. So I have made my breeds to please my own eye. Some are from my imagination and some were inspired by a real breed, but do not come close enough for me to call them by an actual breed name.

Edit: Despite the fact that my other pet submissions were accepted without comparison photos, this time I was told I had to show photos of real breeds. I did not use photos when making my breeds, and I made no attempt to make my breeds look like "real breeds." Nevertheless, in order to make these breeds available to you, I was told to give "comparison" photos. They do not compare, because they were never intended to compare.

The rar includes the following breeds:

Border Herder; Bruiser; Dobi in Black/Tan and Chocolate/Tan; Firehouse Dog; Giant Schnauz; Goldie; Lass in Dark and Light; Racer in Silver and Tan; Rolf Setter; Rouge Setter; Standard Pood-L in Apricot, Black, Blue, Blush, Champagne, Chocolate, Cream, Silver, White; and Wolfiehund in Liver and Silver

See the required images below -- and here is an extra one just for fun.

(You must have the pink color unlocked in your game for my dogs to be correctly colored. If you haven't done that, yet, see instructions in the comments section below.)

PLEASE NOTE: I use Nurse4Kitties default pet eye replacements. They are available at MTS2. Without this default replacement in your game, my breeds will not look right.

These breeds go into the PetBreeds folder of your game. If you find you like my breeds better than the Maxis/EA breeds, it will not hurt your game to remove the Maxis/EA breeds you do not like so that my breeds show up more often in the random adoption slots or as strays.