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Lake Oswego, Oregon TAA39

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Uploaded: 21st May 2009 at 10:00 PM
Tour Across America

Thanks for tuning in on another Tour Across America. The State of Oregon is upon us as we view a two story home formatted into the coast between Washington and Northern California. The home, as we enter the lot is designed on a scarcely populated green-life region. Along the rear of the home one is able to expire into the spa or pool area out back.

Entering the house along the right, one is able to find comfort in the den area which tends to add quality to comfort the viewers of shows such as Greys Anatomy and Dirty Jobs. Heading forward is found the living area of the home where many is able to sit and reflect upon life. Then wrapping around the corner we enter the kitchen area then soon after the dinning found closer to the entry of the home.

Heading up stairs we cover rooms one through four and the two bathrooms. Decked to full potential.

Stay tuned when another premiere of a tour across America continues, in the state of Nevada.

Description of the Property Follows:

1) Bedrooms {4}

2) Bathrooms {2}

3) Expansion pack(s) needed {No}

4) Modified Creations Included {No}

5) Floor(s) {1}

6) Alarms Included [F = Fire, B = Burglar] {F|B}

7) Lodging Capacity {4+}

8) Pool {Yes}

9) Spa {Yes}

10) Phone {Yes}

11) Computer {Yes}

(FULLY FURNISHED Just Download, Introduce your Sims and enjoy.)
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Lot Price Unfurnished: §57,542

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: §199,265