Delphy's Pattern Packager v1.4 (Updated 15th August 2009)

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Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2009 at 2:34 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 3:21 PM by Nysha

The Pattern Packager program allows you to add new Patterns (aka items that appear in Create a Style) to your Sims 3 game. Each Pattern can have up to 4 recolourable "palettes", which are defined on the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels of the source image.

How to use

Please read the tutorial located here:

Please note! It is NOT possible to just download any old seamless pattern from the net and shove it in game. It WILL look bad and not work properly! You have been warned, and if I get any questions saying "I downloaded a pattern online and tried it and...." then I will find you and eat your pasta.


This program requires no installation - just unzip and run!

Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

Please note: This program DID used to require .NET 3.5, however, with a large amount of coding I've been able to move back to .NET 2.0. This *should* allow it to run on Mono with one caveat: The squishinterface that I use is compiled for Windows only. I make absolutely no guarantees that this program will work as-is, but would be willing to work with somebody who programs or uses a Mac to get it to work.

Where do I put the saved packages?

Read this thread. Then put the packages in your Mods\Packages folder under the Sims 3 root.



Thanks to:

Rick, for the DBPF libraries
HystericalParoxsym, for the great tutorial!
Inge Jones, Echo, Karybdis and Pescado, for the odd hints and tips.
Fatality, for the test on non-English OS