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Dorothy Gale from Kansas - Child of Vera_Marina & Wicked_poppies

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2009 at 12:18 AM
Dorothy Gale is an orphan from Kansas who lived with her grandparents, Aunt Em, and Uncle Henry. Her age is unknown, but she is usually depicted as being around pre-teen (probably 10-12 if you ask me). Almost everyone in the world has heard (or rather “watched”) her story told, and despite being over 100 years old, it still manages to touch people of all generations with its timeless appeal. So, rather than tell you the same story again, I thought I might share some things with you guys that you might not already know (both about the film and the book):

The “ruby slippers “where originally silver in the books, but where changed for the film because the studio wanted to “take advantage of the chromatic possibilities of the new Technicolor film process.”Further reading about the “Ruby Slippers” can be found here.

Dorothy’s name closely mirrors that of Baum's own niece, Dorothy Louise Gage, (purposely done in tribute do to the fact that she died as an infant). However, Matilda Electa Joslyn Gage (infant Dorothy’s grandmother) provided the launching point for the characters core personality. Dorothy Gage was laid to rest at Evergreen Cemetery located in Bloomington, Illinois. For more info on the character Dorothy Gale, click here.

While L. Frank Baum was the creator, and therefore the first to write about the character Dorothy, he is followed by many other writers offering their own interpretation of the Land of Oz, and Dorothy herself. Most notably (and in my option the best) is the famed “Wicked” series, which focuses on the life and times of the “wicked “witch of the west (aka: Elphaba). In the series, Dorothy is portrayed at worst as being young, and naive. Her motive for seeking the Wicked Witch is not to kill her, but to apologize for killing her sister. It also bridges the gap from the classic movie, to the book, by making the slippers appear both silver, and ruby at times. You can find more about the Wicked series here.

This is a hybrid version of Dorothy, fashioned mostly after Judy Garland’s appearance in the classic film “The Wizard of oz”. Again, I say “mostly”, because while we worked extremely hard on getting her to look just right, she obviously isn’t perfect. However, I feel that while we didn’t completely hit the nail on the head, we were able to capture a bit of the genuine innocence Judy so perfectly brought to the part many years ago. Also, to be frank, Judy Garland is a pain in the ass to sim. LOL She is a hybrid, because without Vera_Marina’s original version of Dorothy, and here immense help along the way, I would never have gotten here. I kind of think of this Sim as our ‘child’ of sorts. I would like to specially thank her for all of her help, support, and allowing me to use her original creation as a launching pad. She is truly a very talented creator (far more than me, obviously), and if you’ve been living beneath a rock, and have never seen her amazing Sims, you can find them here. As far as the outfit goes, I think it’s pretty close replica of the real one. The reason I say that is because I worked almost as long on the dress as I did on the sim, paying attention to the details. Also, I don’t know why, but I felt that it was important for me to use pictures of the real dress and shoes from the film as much as possible. I guess I feel like it makes it a little more authentic.

You need this hair mesh for her to show correctly in the game. I made the recolor, so you don’t have to download anything but the mesh from the link, because the recolor is included with the sim. The mesh for the dress is included from Liana Sims 2. She has a lot of other amazing content, so you should really check it out sometime if you get the chance. The lipstick is a recolor of one of Bruno’s amazing lip colors (I basically just stuck some of his teeth on it). I love me some Bruno when it comes to make-up and unmentionables, so if you haven’t, you should check him/her out too. Hmmmmm… Let me think…… anything else? Oh, right! How could you possibly have Dorothy without Toto? This is my favorite one so far.

I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me on the CFF. Get ready, because I’m going to list everyone this time.

whitewaterwood, hedwig_benjamenta, Miss Simpleton, kopple36, Rapsheba555, JLonier, melethana, straightroad, Anubis360, aeowyn22, missMSBplayer, Reyn, Vera Marina, Flavia751, Elephant

Thank you SO freaking much guys and gals… You’ve been the biggest help, even if I didn’t always like what you had to say. LOL I think that’s it…… Enjoy!

Custom Content by Me:
- Dorothy Sim
- Eyes
- Bruno lip Re-color
- Eye liner
- Blush
- Hairline
- Hair Recolor
- Dress Re-color

Custom Content Included:
- Eye shadow by JustSims2
- Lip-liner by BySeluXerez
- Nosemasks by sironasims
- Skintone by JustSims2
- Dress Mesh by Lianaa