Super Speedy Skill Books Now Updated! SN/1.39 Compatible!!!

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2009 at 9:41 PM
Updated: 5th Oct 2012 at 4:26 PM - Updated for SN
Super Speedy Skill Books by Vahi_master
Version 14 - Supernatural

Sparkly new feature: I noticed when playtesting SN that the new supernatural types can take a really long time to gain new abilities, and that those abilities are tied to hidden skills... so I went and made books for them! In all of the "+" files and the additional books only file you will find new books for the Lycanthropy, Spellcasting, and Fairy Magic skills! In ABO they are gated so that you need to have level 1 in the skill before you can use the books, because having level 1 implies that your sim is one of those types and should therefore have that skill.

Because they are hidden skills, there will not be a progress bar above your sims head while they are reading those books, but you can still see their progress in the queue, and make them read until they gain the next level.

What does it do: Ever feel your sims learned from books extremely slowly? Yeah, me too, so I created the Super Speedy Skill Books to combat this dilemma, now you can gain skills from books at vastly increased speeds!

Not only can you read and comprehend the books faster, but its almost like there is more to learn in the books to begin with, no longer do you need a new book every 3 levels!

Several hours to read what a fish eats, or a simple cooking recipe? that's preposterous! Fishing, cooking, and music compositions now take less time to read!

More books! Some weirdo named "Vahi" seems to of gone on a writing rampage and published all kinds of books, from books about athletics, to books about writing! and they even have titles! Download the files with a "+" in the name to get books for skills that normally don't have them, and thanks to me learning STBL files, they now have names! which reminds me, the names I came up with are certainly not the best, so feel free to suggest better ones!

Can't read a book because you are a kid? worry no more, children can now read all skill books, they should also be able to read the fishing guide books, and recipes, even if they cant use them yet, I don't think they can read music compositions though because that requires them to also play the instrument, which is beyond the scope of this mod. Promote child literacy today!

So okay, I know what you are thinking, you've tried the books out, and you like them, but my definition of fast is too fast for you, well guess what! I thought of you too! in addition to the super speedy skillbooks, there are also "50%" variations that have only half the boost of the originals, and if that is still too fast, the Lite files are half of that!

Oh, and if that is still too fast for you, but you want books for skills that normally don't have them, you are in luck too, I created a variation of the mod which only adds the new books, but at normal rates, with normal restrictions, and doesn't touch the other books except to make them child-read-able, because I thought it was rediculous that a child couldn't read a book simply because they were a child.

Peter L Jones for S3PE.
Twallan for his Untranslated-key mod, and a couple tutorials, which helped me master STBLs.
Jan Fiala for PSpad.
Chameleon Circuit for giving me something to listen to while doing all this.