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Romantic Beach Get-a-Way

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2009 at 5:09 AM
Do your sims need a quiet place to go on vacation? Or, do your sims just prefer the beach life? Either way, this is the perfect place for them! This 2 bed, 4 bath home has all the room a small family of 2-4 needs, and the surrounding views are spectacular - not to mention the crisp, warm ocean water - right at your back door!

There are three floors to this home:

The main level, which features a kitchen / dining room, a small living room, a full sized bath room, stairs going up and down, and access to the back deck.

The top level includes the 2 bedrooms which both have their own private bathrooms. The master bedroom overlooks the ocean, for added privacy, whilst the smaller bedroom is located on the front wall of the house.

The walk out basement includes a full sized bathroom, a large den / rec room, and of course: direct access to the sand and sun!

The exterior is beautifully, but simple landscaped, featuring a large flower garden in front, and also a gold fish pond.

Asides from the mentioned, and though rather obvious, this home also has a covered carport and real beach access.

In all, I believe that any sun loving sim will adore this home, so get your copy today!

*The interior stairs can be found Here. Make sure that you follow the proper installation instructions as seen in that thread. The stairs included in this download is the 'Holy Smokes Lighter Stairs', however you are required to take an additional step in order for them to show up in game. So please remember to go check out that thread and you might even want to download the Holy Smokes stairs ahead of time, or you can go back in later and fix it correctly.
-Thanks Crocobaura for the awesome stairs.

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price: $37,420

Custom Content Included:
- Holy Smoke Stairs by Crocobaura