Maxis "Lost & Found" #3: Five Studio Lamps *UPD 08feb08*

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Uploaded: 27th Dec 2004 at 9:25 PM
Updated: 9th Oct 2008 at 1:31 PM by -Maylin-
UPDATED 08 FEB 2008: added four more lamps

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I always feel a little weird when editing very old threads like this one... -

As per request by Aramis, I've decided to extract all the other Studio lamps (they are five in total). Of course, I'm aware that other users have already extracted them, but of course mine are somewhat different...
Here are the other Studio Lamps posted at MTS2:
  • "2 Studio Lamps" by Targa: these are full clones and therefore are much bigger (in file size) than mine and contain duplicated resources; and of course they are only 2...
  • "Maxis based modern wall lights" by Ailias: this is a full clone for the Umbrella lamp only.
  • "Maxis Studio Lamps" by Psyckotic: this is a collection, not actual objects; Aramis reported it not to work with BV. However, the collections are perfectly compatible with my lamps: if you install my lamps, using Psyckotik's collection will pick from the catalog my improved lamps, not the standard ones.
  • "229 ingame Maxis objects in collection files" by Frillen: these are collections, too; they contain 229 objects, so if you are interested only in the Studio Lamps it might be hard to find them These collections, too, are compatible with my lamps.

Compared to the lamps above, my lamps have the following added features:
  • They are compatible with any game, including BV.
  • They are neither collections nor full clones: they're "partial clones", meaning that the package contains only the resources really needed, without duplicating anything already existing in game.
  • They are fully recolourable, with the added bonus that they are all enslaved together: just create one recolour and it will apply to all the lamps at once!

I've kept the very same package name as the old Umbrella lamp, in order to make it overwrite the older file; therefore, even if the package name mentions only the Umbrella lamp, don't worry: it contains all the five lamps

All the five lamps can be found in the Buy Mode catalog, in section Lighting -> Misc

(Original post follows)

While browsing the many packages nested into TS2 system folders, I found this Floor Lamp that Maxis forgot to include in the catalog.
This lamp is fully functional, its catalog descriptions are multilingual and everything is perfect... except it doesn't appear in the catalog!

Luckily I've found it, because it's a really beautiful lamp... It reminds me the Studios in TS1 Superstar! :mrpantha:

Instructions: just unpack into your download folder; you'll find the Umbrella Studio Lamp in the catalog, section Floor Lamps Lighting -> Misc.