Prima Cars - updated Aug. 26th 2009

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2009 at 1:58 PM
Updated: 26th Aug 2009 at 9:25 AM
Sandy from AroundTheSims recently created a canal lock set. I immediately fell in love with it and was inspired to create a series of canal lots. This lot is part of that series.

Along the canal lies Prima Cars. Here lives a sim who loves tinkering, fishing, boxing and doesn't care for much else.

Prima Cars consists of a workshop, a shop and, of course, a costumer toilet.

Behind the shop is the kitchen and the stairs leading up to the living quarters (living room, bed room and bath room).

The lot is intended for a home business and is perfect for a tinkerer sim. A copy of the lot has been tested as a home business without issues.

lot size: 2x3
lot price: 53,449

The lot has been updated in a AGS game in order to remove some of the EP and SP requirements. Images have been updated to reflect a few minor changes. Cleaned with CI.

cc by me
garage roof (floor)
garage roof recolour of wandering roof
worn Maxis recolour of neverending winding stairs
- be sure to grab the smmiALStairRCs file if you want the Maxis recolours.

credits for included cc
Maxis match chainlink fence

yellow roof wall

warehouse shelf

wandering roof section 1x5

sink without toothbrush and soap

grungy petrol station recolours

credits for cc needed but not included
grungy towtruck recolour - it's the Opus & Goober version.

petrol station set - find it under themes > out of the way (at the bottom of the page) > sets

Maxis garage door recolours

invisible driveway recolour

closed canal locks and canal bank

credits for cc shown but neither needed nor included
CTNutmegger @ N99
hood deco buildings

additional credits
All the cc, utility and program creators who made this lot possible. My game would not be playable without you!