Waterfall Way Estate

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2009 at 9:08 PM
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If you love waterfalls then this may be the home for you.

57 Waterfall Way
Furnished $77,449
Unfurnished $57,552
Size: 64x54

Open Floor Plan
2 Master Bedrooms
2 Bathroom Suites
Spacious Nursery
Childs Play Area
Great Fishing

Special Note:

*requires a community lot converted into residential for waterfall.

This Home can only be placed on one particular lot. Stoney Falls.
If you want the waterfall you must convert Stoney Falls community lot into Residential 57 Waterfall Way located near Fort Gnome in Sunset Valley. To do this simply click on the lot in edit town and switch it, and bulldoze it, then place the home like normal.

I have'nt seen any homes built on this lot yet and I hope you enjoy it's potiential as much as I have.