Second Empire Window Expansion Set

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2009 at 7:53 PM
Updated: 9th Mar 2012 at 10:54 PM by leesester
Well, all I can say is FINALLY. Making this window has been a nightmare from start to finish, but I wanted it for my game, so I made it. And now it is finished, I have to admit I like it, a lot.

When I first saw this window in the Mansion and Garden Stuff Pack I thought it was the ugliest thing I ever saw, but in retrospect, that was the door, which I will remake too. I saw the windows used on a house upload from HP and I thought, hmm, not so bad after all, so here they are:

3 windows, with straight and diagonal versions.

I made a 1 tile version of the two tile window (I heard a while ago that Shakeshaft at TSR has also made one - I guess she did it the same way I did - I dont have a copy of her window as I dont pay for CC, so I cant check that) and 2 counter windows, which is what was really missing IMO.

The counter windows DO sit below the worktop - see pic - but if you use a worktop no splash back then it is perfect height. If with a splashback at least they dont cut in.

I did this deliberately so the outside did not look daft. It is not a FAIL.

Prices and recolours
1 tile full length window = 210 simoleons
2 tile short window = 260 simoleons
1 tile short window = 200 simoleons

The counter windows are counter friendly (see pic) and do not look too bad from outside. In case you wonder why they are all different heights etc, I used the small white sticky out decorative edge on the window to line them all up as that looked best IMO.

As always, repository windows, with any recolours of the original that you may have in your DLs folder. Come with diagonal and straight versions, enjoy!!

Polygon Counts:
Poly counts are for straight and diagonal versions

Bay View 1 Tile Window = 1081 polys
Bay View 1 Tile Counter Window = 1081 polys
Bay View 2 tile Counter Window = 2040 polys (same as Maxis - sorry)

Additional Credits:
SimPE, the tutorial writers, Sixty-ten at awesims who has the MOST GORGEOUS wood siding recolours available for free download (used in pic), HP for making the house that made me appreciate these windows, all the people who have downloaded my stuff - you keep taking 'em, I'll keep making 'em - and MTS for being a great place to learn and share and hang out.