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Rocks and Ivy & Vines Collection Files

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2009 at 9:19 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2014 at 6:42 AM - typos
Well, it's a slow news day. By my unscientific guesstimation, submissions for Sims 2 are down 50-60% and site traffic for 3 is running 10 to 1 so I guess it wouldn't hurt to upload these.

Rocks are one of those things that just pop up all over my buy and build catalogs. Digging around for them just drives me crazy. When I want a rock, I want a rock, dammit. So I made myself a collection file, fairly comprehensive, then I decided to make one for vines, and then I got sick of it so please don't expect one for umbrellas or screen dividers or sideboards :-)

If you have any of the following items in your downloads folder they will just show up in the collection file. If you get them later, they will show up later. If you have some esoteric file I've overlooked you can add it yourself and keep updated. Or if you decide that now you have a collection, you can just go ahead and download every rock in sight, the following will serve as a guide. The rock collection does not include rocks that actually do things such as function as a bed or a table or a fountain.

The Rock Collection by Nengi65 @ Plum Bob Keep
Garden Rocks and Stepping Stones by Jonesi @ BPS
Outdoor5 Rocks @ 4EverSimFantasy
White Garden Rocks by ajisai @ MTS
Simstone Slab by crocobaura @ MTS
Cave Wall and Roof Rock by jon119 @ MTS
Waterfall Matching Rocks by Marvine @ MTS
Pagoda Rocks and Pond Border Stones by macarossi @ MTS
Pip Patio Scattered Pebbles by buggybooz @ BB's Retreat
Biotop Outdoor Set Rocks by Tolli @ Simgedoens2

In addition, the collection references the following TSR artists, some free, some not; Daydreams Pond and Ground Rocks by Cat/Cathee, ShangriLa Rocks by PureElements, Rock Garden Rocks by Simaddict99, and Beach, Pond, Rockery, and Unlocked Maxis Rocks by Shakeshaft (TSR items not shown in pics). It also includes the two Maxis rocks from Seasons as well as a couple of yellowish rocks, source unknown, files in German, cloned from the agave.

Flowering Vines by Nengi65 @ Sims2 Graveyard
Decorative Ivy Plants by Funny @ Pimp-My-Sims(closed)
Climbing and Flowering Vines by Zita @ Aussietopenders
Outdoor3 Trellises and Climbing Rose @ 4EverSimFantasy
Climbing Plant Collection by Sirona Sims (Corvidophile) @ Sims2 Graveyard
3 Panel Ivy Murals by happygolucky @ MTS
Sasso Wall and Floor Set by Jasiuuu @ MTS (removed)
Siepe Wall and Floor Set by Jasiuuu @ MTS (removed)
Green Leafy Outdoor Shrub by Khakidoo @ MTS
Exterior Crawling Wall Ivy by Zelia Theb @ MTS
Exterior Hanging Wall Ivy by Zelia Theb @ MTS
Manor House Vines by phoenix phaerie @ MTS

In addition, the collection references a couple trellises and vines by Simaddict99 @ TSR (not shown in pics) as well as the lone Maxis Vine.

Please extract to your Collections Folder.

Additional Credits:
If you're really in the mood for vines, you should head over to Sims 2 Design where they are doing a Tuscany theme.