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Testers Wanted: Aviation Career

by Howabominable Posted 30th Dec 2004 at 11:58 PM - Updated 13th May 2005 at 3:24 PM by Psion : EP relevance
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Howdy. This is the first ever thing I have created for the sims2. Much to my suprise it actually showed up in the game, that usually doesn't happen on the first try. It's not completely finished. I still have to change the clothing from the science career track to a more aviation style. Don't freak out if your sim dresses up as a scientist to go pilot an airplane. The cars aren't done yet either. Please be brutally honest :Slap: . I'm worried about how the chance cards turned out, as I had to rewrite them a few times.

Aviation Description: Being a huge fan of the Left Behind series, I thought about creating a neighborhood. Since 1/3rd of the Left Behind characters all fly an airplane, well, I needed an aviation career, but I wasn't to impressed with most other suggestions, so I made up my own. If nobody else likes it, that's fine, because I do. There are no outrageous jobs in it like astronaut or superhero. You start out doing more menial jobs at the airport and rise to airline captain. I don't really need more of a description, as most people know what flying airplanes is :blah: .

I wrote chance cards, which took forever. Those are the things I want people to pay most attention to, and making sure I got the requirements right, the chance card rewards/punishments are correct, etc. I haven't really tested the job so far except to make sure it appears in-game (tested with cowboy Mac and ditzy stewardess Hattie). Also make sure the carpool actually comes I had some trouble with that at first.

Since it would be tedious to delete all this info, I'll include pretty much everything the job entails here. It has the job title, salary, hours, requirements, description, and chance cards for each level of employment:

Level 1. Airline Shopkeeper
- Hours: 9 am to 3 pm
-Message: Finally, a job in the aviation career! Now you get to work with whiny customers, shady thieves, and screaming children. Don't get your hopes down. A promotion is only a few charisma and cleaning points away!
-Salary: $217
---Chance Card: $Me is working alone in Gooper's Granola today. While charging a customer obscenely high prices of some merchandise, $Me notices a suspicious young fellow in another store pocketing several items. What will $Me do?
--Option1: Go after him!
-Good: $Me jumps over the counter and knocks over the suspicious person stealing goods, stopping him. While everyone clusters to congratulate $Me on his brave feat, $Me notices that his boss witnessed the whole scene! He lauds $Me in front of everyone, and puts him on the evening news. $Me then gets a bonus of $200!
-Bad: $Me jumps over the counter and knocks over the suspicious person stealing goods, stopping him. While everyone clusters to congratulate $Me on his brave feat, $Me notices his boss looking back at Gooper's Granola with a pale look on his face. While $Me was stopping THIS crook, another one ran off with $42 of merchandise! $Me has lost a day's pay.
--Option2: Stay Put.
-Good: While deciding what to do, the robber $Me is looking at trips over his own feet and falls, knocking himself unconscious on a shelf of kitty litter. $Me notices that the video camera picked up the entire thing! $Me quickly retrieves the tape and sends it into the Sim's Funniest Videos show to earn some extra cash. $Me recieves a bonus of $100!
-Bad: $Me decides to ignore the robber, who runs off with $42 in merchandise. $Me then sees that his boss has witnessed the whole scenario! The boss quickly regurgitates rule #4259.8 in the shopkeeper's handbook: "Thou shalt not ignoreth a robber when he dost robbeth a store verily." He then proceeds to deprive you of a day's pay to compensate.

Level 2. Ticket Seller
-Hours: 9 am to 3 pm
-Requirements: 2 cleaning, 2 charisma
-Message: Selling tickets is confusing! Nobody buys for the same price what with all these new-fangled price-saving companies starving you of your hard-earned cash. Luckily the hours are normal, but that just doesn't justify the still constant stream of people haggling for a seat on planes. When will it end? Study hard, and try to use your connections to land yourself a decent promotion!
-Salary: $322
---Chance Card: While $Me lounges at his uncomfortable desk, a customer in a captain suit walks up to him insisting that he bought a plane ticket for 2 simoleons on the simternet. He has no proof that he did so, but $Me still considers giving him the discount because he is dressed importantly, and could be one of the higher-ups of airline business. Give, or not?
--Option1: Give the discount
-Good: $Me gives the Captain the ticket discount. Ass soon as $Me does so, the Captain begins to float in the air. Taking off his cap, he reveals that he is a magical genie! He is pleased that $Me gave him an airline discount, as floating to get around takes much longer. He then offers $Me three wishes. $Me asks for money, a promotion, and happiness. He gives $Me 10 simoleons, promotes him, and maximizes his cooking skill!
-Bad: $Me gives the discout to the Captain, who then rips of his hat, cackles, and runs away. $Me gives chase, but the con-captain escapes before he is caught. Because of $Me, the company lost $98 on that ticket sale. He is docked a day's pay and loses all his charisma points.
--Option2: Refuse to give the discount
-Good: $Me refuses to give the ticket discount to the Captain, who walks away with slumped shoulders. $Me later finds out that the scallywag has been ripping off gullible employees for years, and $Me did not fall for it. His boss is so pleased that $Me resisted his scam that he gives him a $100 bonus. $Me also gains 2 logic skill points.
-Bad: $Me refuses the customer his discount, who runs away screaming "My father is the owner of this company! I will ruin you!" An hour later $Me is demoted back to Shopkeeper.

Level 3. Refueler
- Hours: 12 pm to 8 pm
- Requirements: 2 mechanical, 2 logic, 1 friend
- Message: Refueling airlines can get quite boring. Besides the danger of gas explosion and being stepped on by those haughty captains, you have to work to fit the airline's schedule! Make some friends of your own and you might find your salary increasing.
-Salary: $448
---Chance Card: While dully refueling a large airliner, $Me notices the plane captain a few feet away, smoking. This is the same captain that often spits on $Me and makes fun of him for being a lowly refueler. Should $Me get revenge by saving himself, or warn the captain of the danger?
--Option1: Get revenge!
-Good: $Me quickly runs away from the plane so as not to be blown to bits. The Captain sees $Me running and realizes the mistake he almost made. Unfortunately for him, his boss saw the whole thing too. He is deducted of a days pay, and $Me gains 1 logic skill point!
-Bad: $Me quickly runs away from the plane so as not to be blown to bits. At the last moment, the fuel erupts into flames, along with the rest of the plane. The captain is killed, and when $Me hears screaming coming from the plane he realizes the captain's wife and kids are on board! They escape with injuries, and $Me loses all logic and charisma points, in addition to being fired.
--Option2: Warn him!
-Good: $Me yells at the airline pilot to put out the cigarette before he kills himself and the entire airport. The captain realizes his mistake and puts it out. Grateful to $Me for saving his life, he pulls some strings to give $Me $10,000! $Me gains 1 logic skill point.
-Bad: $Me yells at the airplane pilot to put out the cigarette before he kills himself and the entire airport. Realizing how stupid he has been, the captain runs away, tossing the cigarette over his shoulder. The plane is blown to bits. Luckily, $Me is thrown back by the force and only accumulates $50 in hospital bills. The brass at the airline blame $Me for smoking while refueling, and $Me is fired. He loses all charisma skill points.

Level 4. Baggage Loader
-Hours: 10 am to 5 pm
-Requirements: 2 friends
-Message: What could be harder than throwing baggage at a wall all day? The hours are long, and the salary still isn't impressive, but hey, at least you don't have to deal with people.Work on your charisma and cleaning skills to get a promotion.
-Salary: $525
---Chance Card: While loading suitcases into baggage claim, a rich-looking woman comes up and asks $Me if she can put her suitcase on the ramp, since there were many expensive things inside of it. Should $Me ignore airline protocol and allow the woman to?
--Option1: Allow
-Good: The lady puts her bag on the ramp, then reveals that she is Margaret Goodenrich, wife of the richest Sim in the world. She thanks $Me for being kind enough not to break her luggage this time, and $Me is rewarded with $1000! He also gains 3 charisma skill points.
-Bad: $Me allows the woman to place her own bag on the ramp. Little does $Me know, the woman is an illegal drug smuggler! As she loads the bag, she slips some contraband into it, successfuly transporting them out of the country, thanks to $Me. $Me loses a day's pay and 1 logic point.
--Option2: Disallow
-Good: $Me places the bag gently on the ramp himself. The lady is a little flustered at first, then walks away. Someone from the company informs $Me that the lady was really a test sent by the head of the airline to weed out employees that disobey the rules. He gives $Me a bonus of $500.
-Bad: $Me begins to place the bag gently on the ramp, but it slips and falls to the floor. He hears the sound of breaking glass. The lady screams and proceeds to cry in hysterics that what had just broken was an ancient puzzle that had been the key to unlocking the holy grail! She complains to $Me's boss, who deducts a day's pay.

Level 5. Flight Attendant
-Hours: 9 pm to 6 am
-Requirements: 4 charisma, 5 cleaning, 3 friends
-Message: Being a night-shift flight attendant is the pitts. At least your customers are usually sleeping. Keep everyone supplied with their every need, don't forget the safety demonstrations, and don't lose that fakely-sweet voice of yours!
-Salary: $630
---Chance Card: $Me is serving lunch to the passengers on a plane. Suddenly a man jumps up, waving a baby bottle. He says that the baby bottle is really a gun and he is hijacking the plane! $Me notices that he has a slight limp, and that with the right amount of force could be knocked over. What should $Me do?
--Option1: Knock him over.
-Good: $Me leaps accross the plane and knocks the hijacker to his knees. $Me then attempts to take away the bottle gun. After much struggle, $Me comes up with it and discovers that it is indeed a loaded weapon. $Me and the other attendants quickly contain the would-be hijacker and $Me is rewarded with a promotion, as well as 3 body points.
-Bad: $Me leaps accross the plane and knocks the hijacker to his knees. Unfortunately, he also hits the passenger sitting next to him, injuring the passenger severely. $Me looks up and sees a video camera. It turns out that the hijacker was only an actor! They were filming a movie on the plane, and $Me never read the memo! The person he injured was the lead role in the movie. In order to smooth over the mess $Me's boss takes a day's pay, and $Me loses 2 charisma skill points.
--Option2: Obey the hijacker
-Good: The hijacker says "Obey me and no one will get hurt!" $Me obeys him and tries to keep everyone calm. The plane lands and the hijacker is arrested. $Me's boss commends him for doing the most logical thing in that situation and gives him 3 logic points, plus $200.
-Bad: The hijacker says "Obey me and no one will get hurt!" He forces $Me to go around the plane and take money from all the passengers, giving the money to him. He then takes a parachute and jumps off of the plane, leaving his bottle gun behind. Looking inside it, $Me sees that it is just a baby bottle! His boss, embarrased and angry at the money loss, deducts a day's pay from him.

Level 6. Senior Flight Attendant
-Hours: 9am to 3pm
-Requirements: 5 charisma, 4 friends, 3 logic, 1 body
-Message: You now have the leverage to work flights at normal hours! Pity that the salary is not that much better. You also have to deal with more complaints, and are blamed for all mishaps on the plane due to your experience. You will have to hit the books to pull yourself out of this mess.
-Salary: $730
---Chance Card: $Me is walking through the plane, handing out earphones for the in-flight movie. Suddenly, half of the passengers on the plane disappear! As $Me walks to the front of the plane to alert the Captain, he notices an open bag from one of the missing passengers containing $10,000. Should he take the money, or leave it?
--Option1: Take the money.
-Good: $Me reaches into the bag and pockets the money. He then tells the captain what has happened, no harm done. When $Me leaves the cockpit he notices everyone else looting, and quickly chides them for their deeds. When the plane lands, $Me is commended for doing the "right thing" in telling the people not to loot, and is 10,000 simoleons richer!
-Bad: $Me reaches into the bag and takes the money, then alerts the Captain. When $Me leaves the cockpit, he sees that the people they he had stolen from hadn't disappeared at all! They had been in the bathrooms, and were angry that their money was gone. A passenger quickly points out that $Me was the only person seen there after the disappearences and the money is discovered on him. $Me is fired!
--Option2: Leave the money
-Good: $Me decides to leave the money in the bag. Soon the couple returns from the bathroom. They hadn't disappeared after all! They thank $Me for guarding their money in this tough situation, and give him $500 as a reward! He also gains 1 logic point.
-Bad: $Me leaves the money in the bag and explains the situation to the captain. As they both leave the cockpit, $Me finds that the money is gone! Search as he may, the money is not found on anyone, and someone gets away with the money. Angry that it disappeared on $Me's duty, the boss takes away a day's pay.

Level 7. Trainee
-Hours: 9 am to 3 pm
-Requirements: 5 logic, 5 mechanical
-Message: Finally, you are flying airplanes! Sure, they are the wussy little trainee airplanes, but hey, it's better than what you had before! Be careful, for there are tough days ahead. Keep studying and making connections and you will earn yourself your first flying job!
-Salary: $800
---Chance Card: $Me is flying on his first flight job. Suddenly, the plane loses power. With no chance to deploy the landing gear, his two choices are to parachute out or to try to land. The only problem is, there are 5 people on board, and only 4 parachutes. Should $Me take one and hope the remaining person survives, or let the others jump while he tries to land the plane?
--Option1: Take parachute
-Good: $Me grabs the parachute and jumps, only to find the 5th and remaining person clinging to his back! $Me looks down and notices that he is floating directly over "Trampoline Park." He aims and shoves the tag-along off, who lands on the trampoline and escapes without injuries. $Me then lands perfectly with the other 4 people. $Me is commended for his good aim and body skills, and gains 3 body points.
-Bad: Me grabs the parachute and jumps, only to find the 5th and remaining person clinging to his back! $Me looks down and notices that he is floating directly over "Trampoline Park." He aims and shoves the tag-along off, who misses the trampoline and falls to his death. While $Me's boss does not blame him for his death, he deducts a day's pay, and $Me loses 3 body points for his horrible aim.
--Option2: Try to land the plane
-Good: $Me tries to keep the plane level, and points the nose towards the ground. Landing without landing gear is difficult! Luckily, $Me sees a lake right before the plane is about to crash, and lands in it. He then swims out of the plane and to safety, where he is rewarded for his good landing skills and bravery in being the only person to be left behind on the plane. He recieves 2 body points and $1,000 compensation for the plane.
-Bad: $Me tries to keep the plane level, and points the nose towards the ground. When he is a few seconds from hitting the hard earth, he notices a 5th parachute on the floor! $Me quickly dons it and jumps, only to find he was 20 feet from the ground, rendering the parachute useless. $Me falls and accumulates $400 in medical bills.

Level 8. Navigator
-Hours: 6 pm to 3 am
-Requirements: 8 logic, 8 mechanical, 6 charisma, 6 friends
-Message: Back on the night shift, eh? Keeping those senses sharp will take some difficulty, and if you aren't careful, you'll send everyone to kingdom come! Remember to go to work with your energy high, or you'll land yourself in something that is too big for you.
-Salary: $1036
---Chance Card: $Me is tired after a long flight of work. In fact, he hardly notices when the navigation equipment begins to go haywire! Once he does, he has to make a decision: tell the pilot the equipment is out so he can deal with it, or try to fix it himself.
--Option1: Tell pilot
-Good: $Me calls ahead and reports that his equipment is dead. The pilot quickly alerts the crew, and attempts to land the plane in the dark, successfully doing so. On inspection of the plane $Me discovers that had he tried to fix the equipment it would have blown up, causing death and destruciton throughout the plane! His boss gives him a raise for making such a good decision. $Me earns $500, and gains 2 logic points!
-Bad: $Me calls ahead and reports that his equipment is dead. He gets the response back: "You moron, you're the navigator, what am I supposed to do?" The pilot then attempts to land the plane, and does so. His boss rewards him with a raise for landing so spectacularly, and takes away $Me's pay for the day for not doing his job.
--Option2: Fix machinery.
-Good: $Me sets to work on the navigation equipment. Before long, it is fixed! When the pilot asks why his monitors temporarily went dead, $Me explains the situation, and how he fixed the problem. The captain lands the plane and $Me gains 4 mechanical and logic skills!
-Bad: $Me sets to work on the navigation equipment. Unfortunately, he touches two wires that SHOULDN'T be touched, and the equipment starts to smoke. As smoke fills the fuselage, the co-pilot comes back, yelling that if something doesn't get fixed there is going to be the grim reaper to pay. Everything $Me does to fix the machinery fails miserably. The captain barely manages to land the plane. $Me loses 4 mechanical and logic skill points for his dismal performance.

Level 9. Co-Pilot
-Hours: 7 am to 1 pm
-Requirements: 9 logic, 9 mechanical, 8 charisma, 6 cleaning, 7 friends
-Message: Yes! You are now a highly respected airling pilot! Still, you have to be the captain's underdog. The only way to be promoted from THIS spot is to get yourself noticed. You had better work on earning some respect in the workplace or you will be stuck as the pilot side-kick forever!
-Salary: $1648
---Chance Card: It is snowing outside, and since $Me doesn't have to fly in this kind of weather, he decides to have a few drinks. After getting himself totally inebriated, $Me looks out the window to see the sky clearing up. $Me is then called to fly. Since he is only the co-pilot, he probably won't be doing much flying. On the other hand, it is against airline policy to fly while under the influence, for obvious reasons. What should he do?
--Option1: Fly the plane
-Good: Staggering, $Me boards the plane and sits in the co-pilot's chair. He remembers that the plane is able to be flown by itself, and his co-pilot's duties are seldom needed. He lets the Captain take over and falls asleep for the entire flight. The Captain smells alcohol on $Me's breath and tells his boss. Instead of punishing $Me, the boss commends him for saving the airline time and money by utilising the plane's technology. $Me gets 1 charisma point.
-Bad: Staggering, $Me boards the plane and sits in the pilot's chair. His Captain notices the alcohol on $Me's breath and calls his boss, who gets angry that $Me would even think of trying to fly a passenger airplane stone drunk. He enrolls $Me in Sims Alcoholics Anonymous (with dues of $100) and then fires him.
--Option2: Refusing to fly the plane.
-Good: $Me refuses to fly the plane while drunk, and offers to pay for a replacement pilot. His boss is so impressed that he was able to call for a replacement while drunk that he gives $Me a raise and sets him as an example for all pilots, after enrolling $Me in Sim Alcoholics Anonymous. $Me gets a raise of $2000 and a promotion.
-Bad: $Me refuses to fly the plane while drunk. Instead, he staggers about the airport, hitting on every woman he sees, and is eventually caught with the boss' wife. His boss gets angry and fires him for insubordination and drinking on the job. $Me is demoted, and loses a day's pay.

Level 10. Captain
-Hours: 9 am to 3 pm
-Requirements: 10 mechanical, 10 logic, 10 charisma, 10 friends
-Message: You ARE the big cheese! You can choose your own flight times, get Sundays off, and order around those little bugs you call Flight Attendants and Co-pilots. And the salary! Prepare for that cruise you always wanted to go on, you lucky pilot you!
-Salary: $3765
---Chance Card: $Me is getting ready to do a long flight when he is informed that his Aunt Eulogie wants to talk to him over the phone. The call will delay the flight by a few minutes, but his Aunt NEVER calls him at work, so this could be important. What should he do?
--Option1: Take the call
-Good: $Me takes the call, and is soon in deep conversation about the death of a family member. As he talks, a freak snowstorm sets in over the airport. Had he taken off on time, the plane could have crashed! $Me gets 5 cleaning skill points and $1000.
-Bad: $Me takes the call, and is soon in deep conversation about the death of a family member. When he gets off the phone, his boss rages into the room. He says that Rich Rollsimson, the Sim's most powerful stockbroker, is now late for an important meeting because of this phone call. He deducts a day's pay from $Me.
--Option2: Ignore call
-Good: $Me ignores the call and begins to fly the plane. Minutes into the flight, there is a knock at the cockpit door. Standing outside is Rich Rollsimson, the Sim's most powerful stockbroker. He is so pleased that the flight is early that he gives $Me a $10,000 bonus for the day! He also maximizes $Me's cleaning skill so that his family won't be TOO angry with him for missing the call.
-Bad: $Me ignores the call and boards the plane. Minutes after taking off, a freak snowstorm hits! The plane is in trouble. $Me must do an emergency landing, making Rich Rollsimson, the Sim's most powerful stockbroker, miss an important meeting. He gets angry and pulls some strings to devoid $Me of all his cleaning skill points.

ps: Sorry for the monologue, first item, you know how that goes.

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