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-Redneck Mansion- Includes New Meshes!

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2009 at 11:55 PM
Updated: 5th Feb 2014 at 5:20 PM
Well its been a long haul getting this lot created, and I'm finally done with it. The day I happened on the picture of it on the internet I knew I had to make it into a sim lot. That day was roughly 6 months ago. <sigh>

Today I present to you a lot that in real life is the set of a play, but it totally rocks and was actually created, so why can't my simmies live in it? I've included my reference pictures at the bottom for you to compare. I spent months trying to make it identical to the reference pictures. As for the name, I didn't name it, the internet gave it it's name, so please don't tell me its insulting or whatever, I mean no disrespect whatsoever. Also, this would be freaking amazing in real life!

Each little trailer is decorated in its own unique color theme and I tried to keep CC to a minimum using only what was absolutely necessary (even still, the list is long). The numbers in the pictures correspond with the floor plan photo so you can see where each trailer is on the lot. (Numbers were given roughly based on location and level.)

To make this lot uber perfect, I needed to create a few objects that I just couldn't find anywhere else. There are 6 new objects (included in the lot but also downloadable separately) for you to play with.

Wood Pallet (Surface Misc.)
This object was created to be able to hold anything (it can support a refrigerator!) and to be stackable. I think it would go great in a store room or warehouse. I've added 2 recolors in the separate rar that aren't used in the lot. The mesh and texture was created from the UNI bonfire and reworked, Maxis match! BaseGame Compatible.
Vertex: 316 Faces: 158 (Low poly)

Lil Garden Lattice Windmill (Deco Misc)
This little windmill ACTUALLY SPINS!!! It is intended for placement in your sim gardens, the silly owners of this lot have placed it on their roof instead! This was cloned and extensively reworked from the MG wind turbins. My version will NOT pay your bills (its just a decorative little windmill) but it is BaseGame Compatible.
Vertex: 801 Faces: 511 (Medium poly)

Folded Umbrella (Deco Misc)
This umbrella is closed. I have seen many on this site that are open, but for my picture I needed closed umbrellas. This umbrella sits on the ground or on tables but nothing else. BaseGame Compatible.
Vertex: 170 Faces: 121 (Low poly)

Just a Pole (Build Columns)
I needed a regular old metal pole column to support some of the upper decks. I also needed to somehow make my outdoor lights taller, so using the lampost base as my guide I was able to accomplish both tasks at the same time. BaseGame Compatible
Vertex: 76 Faces: 46 (Low poly)

Solar Panel (Electronic Misc)
Apparently we have Eco-Friendly Rednecks living here. I've created two versions, one is BaseGame Compatible (and that's the one that is included in the lot) and the other requires MG. The meshes and textures (and GUID) are the same for both, but the MG one will actually help pay your bills. Please download the MG one if you can. Delete the other from your downloads folder before playing this lot and the one will replace the other.
Vertex: 108 Faces: 62 (Low poly)

Clothes Line (Deco Misc)
I needed a clothes line and there are a few here on MTS, but none were the right shape and most had clothes on them already. The metal and the line are separately recolorable. BaseGame Compatible.
Vertex: 1906 Faces: 1572 (Medium poly)

I hope you enjoy playing this lot as much as I enjoyed building it. It was a long/fun/stressful/exciting/frustrating trip, and I'm glad I came through it alive. Thanks so much everyone who kept pushing me to keep going.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: $155,147

Custom Content by Me:
- Clothes Line
- Just a Pole
- Wood Pallet and 2 Recolors
- Umbrella and 3 Recolors
- Solar Panels BG/MG Versions
- Lil' Garden Lattice Windmill
- Caravan White Plastic Floor
- 2 Patio Chair Recolors
- 6 Striped Siding Walls
- 4 Orange Slant Walls

Custom Content Included:
- 3 Upper Cabinets by CTNutmegger
- Grey Stairs Recolor by HoneyB
- Animated Metal Ladder by Marvine
- Balcony Flower Box and Recolor by Marylou
- White Flamingo Recolor by Nemi
- Nursery Curtains by Reyn
- Recolorable Holy Smoke Stair by Numenor
- Maxis Flowers without Base by Targa
- White Arch Recolor by senesi2003
- Three Tile Window by Zookini

Custom Content Required but NOT Included:
- Satellite Dish by boblishman
- Patio Chair and Recliner by Zookini
- Ladder Animations by Marvine

To install, be sure to download boblishman and zookini's files, then place all CC packages in your Downloads folder, then double click on the Sims2Pack. Redneck Mansion Lot will be waiting for you in your lots bin.

Additional Credits:
Qbuilderz, Lee, Fresh-Prince, HP, fansee, Canoodle, cmomoney, Numenor, carmeekitty, and the rest of #create who fed my ego when I showed sneak-peeks.