Sell All Ingredients, Now With Core Merger Files [Not Supported]

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Uploaded: 17th Jul 2009 at 8:43 PM
Updated: 29th Nov 2010 at 4:40 AM
Will no longer be updated
This mod is probably not compatible with the newest patch and will no longer be updated. If anyone really feels like updating it, they are more than likely to.

By request i bring you this new mod. This mod changes what you sell to the grocery store. Before, you could only sell fruits and vegetables. With this new mod you can now sell Chicken, Links, Eggs, Cheese, Steak, and Burgers without having to sell them one by one.

What Do I Download
No New Name: This file contains the core mod that will change the "Sell fruits and veges" to be able to sell the ingredients. With this package the option will still appear as "Sell Fruits and Vegetables" but it will sell all of your ingredients.

New Name: This file also contains the core mod and an STBL file change. This will change the option from "Sell Fruits and Vegetables" to "Sell All Ingredients". The only problem with this file is that it will conflict with any of mod that changes the STBL files (changing descriptions and names).

Sell All Ingredients DLL File: Only download this file if you want to merger this core mod and other together. For more info on how do that click here.

THIS IS A CORE MOD . Luckily there is a cure. Morgade created a mod merger witch can be found here. Use it and you will be able to use this mod and other core mods as well.

Like all mods try using the Indie Stone Fugly Mod Checker to see if the mod conflicts with any other.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks are in order to Pescado and SummerMuse for helping me understand the core modding process and to innocencekiller for the request.