The Manor Estate

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This French chateau-style mansion was built with all the amenities for your family. It features gorgeous gardens and an amazing view, matching the luxurious and spacious interiors. The enormous pool is just magnificent and the whole property was projected for the entire family to enjoy.
In this house, any sim can feel like a king.

The house design was inspired by the mansion of the deceased TV producer, Aaron Spelling. The actual house, known as “The Manor”, was put on the market for an astonishing price of 150 million dollars. The 123-rooms estate, located at Holmby Hills, is the most expensive residential real-estate listing in the US.

That said, a quick tour of the house:

Front view
The entrance of the house has a big round driveway, a fountain and plenty of plants.

The backyard
The first thing you notice when stepping into the backyard is the enormous pool facing the gardens. But that’s not all: the lake and the beautiful gardens will also leave you stunned.

The guest house/garage
In the backyard there’s a 3-car garage and a small modern apartment for your guests to stay. The guest accommodations have two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Main floor
The main floor features a 2-story high entrance hall and a formal living room.
In one wing we have the dining room and a fully equipped kitchen, and, in the east wing, the office/library (books included).

Finally, the basement. Under the manor you’ll find a gym prepared with the top workout equipment, a theater with the latest technology and a game room.
And, in the center, a magnificent ball hall. The beautiful and peaceful environment will make you forget that you’re in a basement! In this marble room you can organize the event of the year, from a formal dining party to a fund raiser ball.

Second floor
Although the mansion only has 2 bedrooms and a master suite (plus the 2 guest bedrooms in the guest house), these are spacious rooms.
In one of the wings we have the nursery and a teenager bedroom, and, a bathroom.
In the other side of the house we got the master suite.

Lot details
Lot size: 6x6
Bedrooms: 3 (+ 2 guest bedrooms)
Bathrooms: 7
Price furnished: 585.667 §
Price unfurnished: 247.563 §

The lot contains some TS3 Store items, mostly from the Storybook set.
The location I used for the lot, in Sunset Valley, is Summer Hill Court, n.º 15 (next to the other two mansions).

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: See lot details.