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Different bike speeds! *6 flavors*

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2009 at 12:20 AM
Updated: 21st Sep 2011 at 3:38 AM - Update

This mod should still work for Generations if not please PM me and I will try my best to work it out

This mod will increase the speed your sim bikes at.

This will effect child, adult and elder's biking experience.

Before the bike would accelerate at 3 meters every sim minute and the top speed was 15 meter per sim minute.

There are 6 different speeds to choose from-

Biker1-*This is the fastest one*

Acceleration- 55 meters every sim minute
Speed-100 meters per sim minute


Acceleration-30 meters every sim minute
Speed-75 meters per sim minute


Acceleration-20 meters every sim minute
Speed-50 meters per sim minute


Acceleration-10 meters every sim minute
Speed-25 meters per a sim minute


Acceleration-5 meters every sim minute
Speed-10 meters per a sim minute

Biker6-For the people who want the slowest bikers on sim earth.

Acceleration-1 meters every sim minute
Speed-5 meters per a sim minute


This will not conflict with any core mods like awesome or indiestone. I have not found any conflicts please notify me if you find any. If there are any problems also notify me so I can try to fix them, and if you choose the fast speeds they may cut corners, or turn corners oddly this does not effect anything it will just look wierd.

I will add more increments if I am requested to. Have fun simming!

Additional Credits:
Morgade for making the sims 3 modding tool.