A dash of Sims 3 in your Sims 2 World: 12 New Bulletin Boards

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2009 at 6:32 AM
Updated: 17th Jul 2009 at 6:23 AM

I got a request to adapt my previous bulletin board set to the Sims 3 games. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to make new recolors for the Sims 3 paintings that wouldn't replace the current ones in-game (or potentially damage my game files).

Nonetheless, during my experimenting I found out this tutorial by ThomasRiordan that explained how to make simple texture replacements, and one of the steps involved extracting said textures from the Sims 3 games.

It was much more frustrating than doing it through Sims 2 (because I couldn't see exactly what I was extracting, so I had to guess through the file names and wait until I opened Photoshop, only to find out several times that I had extracted a plain red square instead of a paintng), but I eventually ended up with enough pictures to create a new set of Simlish Bulletin Boards.

As the title indicates, now your old two-ish simmies can enjoy the pretty pictures from the Sims 3 too (and I hope the opposite is possible soon!). To complete some of these boards, I also used pictures from the Sims 2 games and some posters from my previous sets. Recycling is fun!

Just like my previous set, these are recolors of the "Stick Em Up" bulletin board from the University EP. All the files are clearly labeled, so you can choose which ones do you want to keep at any time.

I hope you like them!

Additional Credits:
- Thomas Riordan for his "How to Make a Simple Texture Replacement" Tutorial for the Sims 3.

- Project S3PI and its creators.

- EA Games and Maxis for the original textures.

- Please see my earlier posters sets' threads for the credits of the pictures used in the Videogames and Fantasy/Childish themed bulletin boards.