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Cherub Curly Hair (All Ages, Both Genders, True Custom!)

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2009 at 6:56 PM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2009 at 4:40 PM - Adding personal pick. :)
Truly custom hair!

In the tradition of my TS2 hairs, I'm proud to present my TS2 Cherub hair, converted for use in TS3! It was my first TS2 hair so it seemed fitting.

This is a true custom hair and doesn't replace anything! It shows up as a new item in CAS to choose, and does not require any Store hair or anything like that to work. You can just put it in your game and play - no fuss, no muss, no needing to choose whether you like another hair better.

It works properly for sims of different body types (fat/fit/whatever) and the hair recolouring options (roots/main/highlights/tip) work properly as well, though they may not look amazing in all colour options due to the way this hair is constructed.

This hair is for all ages (toddler through elder) and both genders (male and female). Your sims may not switch properly through all ages wearing the hair due to the way it had to be made kinda separately, but you can easily take 'em to a mirror and fix that. It may not be the most feminine hairstyle but I know a lot of people like to play butch/trans/otherwise short haired girls, and it's a LOT easier to do a hair for as many sims as will have it all at once than to do the other stuff later.

May not be perfectly perfect...

I've done my best to minimize wonkyness with this hair, but TS3 hair is pretty damn complicated, and I have limited time to spend on fiddly bits. There may be some slight "over-shine" and an appearance of a bit of pixelly sparkly around the edges in CAS but that doesn't really happen in-game. Lighter colours may not look quite as amazing as darker colours. The technology and knowledge to make absolutely perfect TS3 hairs is still in development, but it's about as close as I could get.

It also doesn't look real spiffy with sideburns. Sorry 'bout that. Facial overlays to get them to match up are a giant pain in the ass.

But it -does- include all the LODs and I've tested and get no zoom crashes or anything like that like some of the initial problems others have had.

To install:

1. Download the rar file and extract the three .package files from it.

2. Install the .package files - recommended is use of the Helper Monkey!

3. Play! You shouldn't have to delete your cache files. Find the hair in Create a Sim for your new sims, or Change Appearance on a mirror for your existing ones.

Model credits:

Ethan by newone08, Raymond by TummyZa, Leah by Princess Leia, and an unreleased female sim by me. Eyes are by me, face is by Aikea Guinea.

No requests, please...

I am definitely going to do more hair for TS3... but I have limited time I can spend on creating (darn that real life and need to sleep!), and plenty of existing plans on which hairs (and what type of hairs) I want to do first.

I have permission from Nouk to convert her hairs, I have my own hairs I made for TS2, and hairs from TS2 itself all that can be done, as well as perhaps some brand new styles I might do. Which is probably enough to keep me busy for a year!

I will mainly be focusing on shorter, more "masculine" styles for a while, as guys tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to hair. Any that are female or child appropriate will work for them, too. But with so much to do, I really don't take requests, suggestions, hints, or "ooh that'd be cool!" into consideration.

Huge thanks to:

DELPHY!! For slaving over figuring out non-replacement hair and for putting together a super easy to use tool to make it!

WES!! For his awesome Q-Mesh plugins for Milkshape!

All the awesome folks who figured out the file formats and gubbins to allow this to happen.

Also thanks to Lee for in-game testing.

Polygon Counts:
Count for LOD0 (highest detail) is 3340. LOD1-LOD3 are much lower.