New Non-Default Lara Croft BodyShape Mesh

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2009 at 10:27 AM
Updated: 22nd Jul 2009 at 3:19 PM - Tutorial link added
Available for Adult/YA Females. Enabled in Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic and Swimwear.

Also non default texture provided for Maxis Mesh in Swimwear, Sleepwear and Athletic.

This is a non-default Mesh. It will not override a Maxis mesh.

Last week I cracked how to set up a non-default mesh.

I have a project in planning stage which requires a Lara Croft/Superheroine body shape. So I made one.

Combine the two and here you go, voila (how come the French have a word for that?)

The challenge here wasn't so much in shaping the mesh, but in producing a shape which works well with the existing morphs.

Do I need to describe the Lara Croft shape?

Ok, its not that extreme, more in line with the latest Tomb Raider editions.

See the pictures with slider positions included to see the morph effects.

The default Mesh position is with the Thin/Fat slider centered and the Fitness slider at minimum. This is how the Mesh would look in a your 3d editor.

Because the mesh waist has been narrowed and the hips slightly narrowed, the 'plus size' sim retains a more realistic attractive shape as the 'fat' slider is moved up. The larger breasts don't hurt either.

The fitness slider still reduces the breasts and increases the thighs, but it is again much more realistic.

Included in one zip is the Mesh, plus the required texture. Both must be intalled to see it in game. In the other zip is the texture for the standard Maxis Mesh.

The texture for the mesh can be modified but at the moment requires a bit of hex editing to the CASPart to apply it to the mesh properly. Hopefully now that I have done this a tool may be forthcoming.

Technical Info:

The mesh uses
name afBodySwimsuit_edited
VPXY instance of 0x0000000030E169C1.
lod1 has instance 0x00000000A2AC5C92,
lod2 is 0x00000000A2AC5C91
lod3 is 0x00000000A2AC5C90.
All lods are group 0x00637C8A.

Anyone who understands this can make use of the mesh for re-texturing, but essentially this is all the information any tool would need.

Please do not re-use these names and instances if you are building your own mesh. If we start producing a lot of meshes, as I hope, we will have to avoid conflicts.

Comments and Feedback please. I have tested it in-game running at top detail and it is fine. The lower meshes are consistent in shape so should not be jarring if they kick in at long distance, but please tell me, good or bad.

I learn by trying the impossible. (Well....very difficult)

Click bold underlined part below to go to tutorial.

Link to tutorial on how to texture this mesh.

Click bold underlined part above to go to tutorial.

Additional Credits:
Delphy, of course, Peter L Jones and simlogical and this time WesHowe. Very very much WesHowe. Thanks guys.