Isabella's Museum of Art and Life

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2009 at 12:16 AM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2009 at 11:32 PM - requested
My inspiration for this museum was based on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
I did not try to make an exact duplicate of the museum, but tried to lay it out similar to that museum.
There is a concert hall since there had been one in the original. Your Sims can play their guitars there, if you want.
The one in Boston has a 4th floor, which I did not put on mine. It was used as the living quarters for Isabella and since I could not find any floorplans for it and it is closed to the public, I went for the 3 levels.

Isabella had a glass roof on her home/museum. I left mine open as I did not have a glass roof for this game.
She was an amazing woman who shared her beautiful collection of art with Boston. There had been 8 paintings stolen from the museum and the empty frames still hang on the walls. I could not figure out how to make empty frames or I would have had them in there.

I made this museum on the same lot that the original museum was on in Sunset Valley. According to the game lot size is 31x50.

I am sure your Sims will love the exhibits and the lovely garden area.

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price: Furnished $330,785
Unfurnished $190,688