Jardin adoré - money trees (w/ seeds), vegs, fishies PLUS FUN /* UPDATED */

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2009 at 10:23 PM
Updated: 20th Aug 2009 at 12:14 AM - The way it works
Your sims may get to that small community lot to harvest any perfect grows & money bags, fish, play, rest, meet other sims, wash, rest, eat, party and many other things. Main features are that your sims get there everything needed to cock, money bags and money tree seeds. All that with FUN !

ENHANCED VERSION 2 IN COMMENTS TAB (w/ new pics & desc) => HERE <=

What you get :

a 20x30 community lot with
- 20x simoleons trees w/ seeds to come (may be 5)
- 2x all normal (real in life) vegetables and fruits of the game at perfect quality
- 4x life-fruit and flamme-fruit
- litle buiding for shower, pee, grill, hand wash and music
- a 4 chairs table
- 2x rest-chairs
- a balansoire
- a chess area
- 2x bench
- 2x fish pools :::EDIT::: w/ v. 1.3.24 installed, one have a fiew red & black red fishes in it
- decoration

History :
The more I discovered about gardening in the Sims 3, the more I loved it. But, in the same time, my sims familly grew and had more simoleons. I tried to put my newly simoleons tree in my bag to step to another bigger house, but it doesn't work. You can't transport the garden as the furnitures when you change of house in this game.
Once in their new house, I sent a sim to the old one : the garden was still there and I've being able to harvest what I wanted
So, I decided to start another story with that purpose : use the maximum of the starter lot to create a fabulous garden, and when it's done, step to the lot aside, so my sim can harvest without having to clean (remove weed), fertilize or reseed. So I did. Once done, I saved it and focused on the "aside" house, but why not try to turn it to a community lot and share.

Here it is !

I hope you and your sims will have a lot of fun (and simoleons, after the starting stage and if your sim have gardening skills to harvest all in less than a day, it gives about 25.000 simoleons/day !!!) with my Jardin adoré.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: F $25,455 / U $11,904 (if turned into residential)