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The Green Club - Sci-Fi SPA for your Highrollers

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2009 at 11:27 PM
People are always saying that you should live in the moment, enjoy the 'now'. At the Green Club, you can go one better and live in the next moment and enjoy the future! The look may be futuristic, but the luxury is very much in the present, and ready to be enjoyed.

Visit the Satellite Restaurant or the Greenz Bar, cure the soul at the Color Therapy Room, enjoy the decadent spa options like massages and dipping into the hot springs.

Remember to install all the CC before installing the lot. Please refer to the main High Rollers Project threadthread for the complete set of recolors.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 278,000 simoleon

Custom Content by Me:
- recolor of maxis floor by lamammaforever 
- recolor of maxis floor - by lamammaforever 
- sci-fi add on - black metal floor 1x1 - original creation by lamammaforever 
- sci-fi add on - black metal floor 2x2 - original creation by lamammaforever 
- green fire - by lamammaforever  
- green glass eye - by lamammaforever  
- green glass flame - by lamammaforever  
- green signs left - by lamammaforever 
- green signs right - by lamammaforever 
- grey black recolor of maxis wall by lamammaforever  
- pale green alluminium - by lamammaforever  
- black recolor of maxis tablecoffe_club
- paintingminimalistsquareaqua-green sunset
- paintingminimalistsquareaqua-my fractal 1
- paintingminimalistsquareaqua-my fractal 2
- paintingminimalistsquareaqua-the question
- posterleftbank-pineapple-alien neon reflectionA
- posterleftbank-pineapple-alien neon reflectionB

Custom Content Included:
- Scattered Rocks by nengi65 (stored at simsgraveyard)
- "Ascension V2" -by Targa by Targa at MTS

Additional Credits:
- to all creators mentioned here and to all those not mentioned who constantly inspire us with their work, here at MTS2 or at other sites: you're great guys!
- to Numenor for his CEP and AGS (with which was originally built this lot)
- to Echo and the whole Highrollers crew