The Cure for Hydrophobia 2.0 UPDATED 1.3.24 patch

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2009 at 10:03 PM
Updated: 29th Jul 2009 at 1:23 AM - New patch, new version
UPDATED July 28th for the 1.3.24 game patch. The old version may still work, but they subtly changed how the choice to panic operates. Therefore I changed how this mod operates to match.

A sim which is hydrophobic, insane or neurotic is never comfortable swimming. They have to occasionally look around, and get nervous easily.

Originally there was a bug where ALL sims exhibited this behavior. This has been fixed by the July 28th patch to 1.3.24. However, with the fix came a new change - now hydrophobic and neurotic sims CONSTANTLY freak out in the water. So the new version of this mod now restores the original behavior of only freaking out around 10% of the time. Included as well, once again, is an additional package which stops all sims (Even hydrophobic) from ever freaking out in the water.

There are two options, only copy ONE to your package mods directory. With "randompanic.package", only sims have a trait that makes them less than comfortabel swimming will panic in the water at a random interval (Rather than constantly), while others will be fine. With "nopanic.package", no sim will perform the animation where they look around nervously. Their traits will still control how much they enjoy being in the water, this purely changes the animations.

As before, this mod conflicts with no mods, present or future, unless they also modify the animation behavior of swimming in a pool. At present this is the only extant mod which modifies any animation behaviors.