City Apartments: Paris and New York versions

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2009 at 4:36 AM
Updated: 8th Aug 2009 at 7:03 AM
For those who don't have Mansion & Garden Stuff, I rebuilt both houses without it - they are in the comments.
Although the Paris and New York looks are based on pictures of real apartments (see below), I didn’t have any actual floor plans. Hope I didn’t make too many obvious mistakes trying to replicate the real ones without complete floor plans.
There are four livable floors (and also some free space on roof floor for the New York version); on the first floor is a restaurant for Paris version and a shop for New York version. Three other floors are occupied by apartments. Apartments are pretty small; they are made for 4 sims to live in the first one, 3 sims in the second and 2 sims in the third. Each apartment has an open kitchen/ dining/ living area, a toilet, a bathroom, a master bedroom and one more room, which can be another bedroom or study. I couldn’t manage to find a good place for a desk in each apartment, but instead of it sims can use the dining table (for example to do homework or to place a computer – wonderful laptop for this purpose here).

Lot Title: City Apartments – Paris / New York
Lot Size: 1x2
Lot Type: Apartments
Rent Price: 1,566 – 1,766 (Paris); 1,406 (New York)
Lot Played/ Tested: Yes*
Furnished: Yes, how to rent furnished –
*CTRL-SHIFT-C to bring up the cheat box.
*Enter the following cheat: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
*Walk your sim to the front door of the apartment that you want to rent. They need to be standing right in front of the door.
*Clear any actions from your sim's queue - including other sims trying to talk to them.
*SHIFT-click on the door of the apartment you wish to rent and choose "Rent Furnished."
*If the action falls out of your queue, your sim probably needs to be closer to the door.
*Once the apartment is rented, bring up the cheat box again.
*Enter: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false to turn the cheat off again.
Compatibility: Requires ALL EPs (up to and including Apartment Life) and Garden & Mansion Stuff. No other stuff packs were installed while building this lot so they are not required. (Actually at the beginning I wanted to make this lot also with minimal EPs but, well, I didn’t succeed. At least I didn’t have to use a lot of custom content.)

Master files, diagonals for curtains, windows and doors – for all are the same credits as below - and 3 Maxis recolours by me for the Paris version are included in the rar archives. Place them in your Downloads folder before installing a lot.

P.S. Shop in the first floor of New York version requires mod for the shop assistants to be spawn but sims can make coffee and try on clothes in the shop and objects in the room in front of the shop are usable also without the mod. Restaurant in the Paris version works fine (except there is no bartender at the bar) without the mod. Apartments and Shopping Mod by MogHughson

*Report if something is wrong because I did tested carefully but I think I’m still not completely advanced with apartments and mods.

If you like my lot, please hit the thanks button.

Custom Content Included:
- (both) Rangehood1 by Holy Simoly
- (both) 'Simply Elegant' Double Long Curtains *AL Version* by Holy Simoly
- (both) 'Simply Elegant' Curtains White by Holy Simoly
- (New York) TallTyphoonFencing by Brasstex at MTS
- (New York) Fat City Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger at MTS
- (New York) 'Simply Elegant' Curtains Olive by Holy Simoly
- (New York) 'Simply Elegant' Curtains Terracotaa by Holy Simoly
- (New York) Brick arch - two-tile long by Inge Jones at MTS
- (New York) Recessed sash window - double by Inge Jones at MTS
- (New York) Fire Escape by Retail Sims
- (New York) Waescheleine4Leinen - Waesche by Manuela10669 at Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo
- (Paris) Georgian French Double Doors by phoenix_phaerie at MTS
- (Paris) Pedimentary, My Dear! Bonnet French Doors by phoenix_phaerie at MTS
- (Paris) Pedimentary, My Dear! Bonnet French Doors blue by phoenix_phaerie at MTS
- (Paris) Impossible Mission Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger at MTS
- (Paris) 'Simply Elegant' Curtains Beige by Holy Simoly

Additional Credits:
To MogHughson for her mod, which inspired me to make this lot at last.
To Mootilda for LotAdjuster and GridAdjuster (I used it to make the awnings in the height I need) - great tools!
To AnyGameStarter which I didn’t use at the end but which is a simple to use and great tool too.
To HystericalParoxysm for the way how to rent furnished apartments.
To Google Images.
And to mocha0030 for the cool combination of fire escape stairs and laundry custom content in the New York version; if you're looking for other great (and authentic!) urban lots and apartments - visit her site.