University Major: Wicca

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Since witchcraft grew within a context of pagan religions in history, I thought I'd make a degree that gave my Sim witches that sense of history and context as well.

I like a few more required skill points in my custom majors than the usual degrees, so there are four focus skills which require higher skill levels per semester. However, as the course goes on, the student Sim gets increased energy, fun, and comfort by going to class. This increase is small at first, but grows by increments each semester (as the student Sim becomes more adept and powerful!)

This is the description:
  • "There is more to The Craft than casting spells and flying around on a broomstick. This degree is for those witchy Sims who want more than a cool mode of transport, who wish to discover the deeper knowledge of The Craft that continues after the broomstick is parked and the cauldron is cleaned out. Choose this path carefully, for this degree is more demanding than most, and will require greater discipline and perseverance if you wish to succeed. Blessed be!"

The four focus skills are Cooking (for all those potions), Creativity (for putting spells together), Logic (for studying all aspects of the Craft), and Body (since a witch must be balanced in both body and mind to be truly adept).

By graduation, Cooking should be at level 9, Creativity and Logic at 6, Body at 5. There are five or six required skill points in the first two semesters, four points in the next two and a half years, and three points in the final semester.

The classes are just a number of basic principles of Wicca and the Craft:
  • Semester 1: The Wiccan Rede: An' It Harm None, Do What Ye Will
  • Semester 2: Wiccan Karma: The Law of Threefold Return
  • Semester 3: The Wiccan Pyramid: To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent
  • Semester 4: Wiccan Deities: The Triple Goddess and the Green Man
  • Semester 5: The Wheel of the Year: Sabbats and Esbats
  • Semester 6: Wiccan Tools: Broom, Cauldron, Athame, Wand, Cup, Pentacle
  • Semester 7: The Craft: Weaving Spells with Herbs, Crystals, Runes, and More
  • Semester 8: Wiccan Self-Defense: The Magick Shield

As you can see, I steered clear of the Harry Potter thing, and also haven't made any additional cauldrons or other things to go with it, mainly because quite a few other people have done some really great stuff in those areas already.

This major is cloned from the Physics major, and has its own GUID so it won't override anythiing. I have all the expansion packs up to Mansion and Garden, and I haven't had any problems myself, although again, please let me know.

Write and tell me what you think! :-)