Sim Cough Drop - Stop sims choking/coughing while eating

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2009 at 12:31 AM
Updated: 1st Aug 2009 at 8:36 AM
Originally Posted by The Simstreet Journal
Has this happened to you? You're sitting there enjoying your meal, and suddenly you start choking on it for no apparent reason? There is an epidemic sweeping across Sim cities everywhere, Sims eating too fast and almost choking on their food. While there have not been any reported casualties, authorities are concerned for the general well being of Sims everywhere so have started a massive public service campaign to get Sims to slow down and chew their food better. The efforts seem to be paying off with the incidents of Sims nearly choking reportedly down by 10% or more in some locations.

The truth is, sims will look like they are choking about 1 in every 10-15 bites. It varies a little by where and how they are eating, if the food is spoiled, and some of their traits. However it is often enough the chance of seeing it in any one sitting is between 25 and 50% for one sim, and goes up the more sims eating together.

This mod remedies the situation by reducing the chance of choking/coughing by about 10% in normal situations. Sims that are normally sloppy eaters, or sims eating spoiled food will still run a high risk, but sims eating unspoiled food
should have issues a lot less often. For people who just don't want their otherwise neat sims choking, there is an alternative that removes the action completely from situations that do not involve sloppy sims or spoiled food. There is also a fix contained where sims who were eating their favorite food out of their hand (such as a burger) were not properly enjoying it.

Choose ONE of the contained packages depending on your preference and put it in your mods directory. This package is compatible with ALL mods current and future, except those which specifically modify the animation script for eating. Currently, there are no other mods which modify this script.

Reduce chance of choking/coughing while eating to 1% or less for non-sloppy sims eating unspoiled food
Let sims eating their favorite hand-held food enjoy it properly

Eliminate any choking/coughing for non-sloppy sims eating unspoiled food.
Let sims eating their favorite hand-held food enjoy it properly