Mass Transit: Tiles For Well Traveled Rooms

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2009 at 12:29 AM
Updated: 4th Aug 2009 at 6:55 AM
EA's tiles are another thing you can add to the list of things I wasn't satisfied with in TS3. Happily, I did something about it.

Each of these patterns was intended as either a floor or a wall, so they may look a little silly in the screens. In a perfect world, these would acctualy be floors and walls. Sadly, I don't think anyone knows how to do that yet. The bonus is, of course, that sometimes one of these patterns will look really good on something unexpected.

Custom Speculars!

Each pattern has lovely, shiny, custom specular! This means the patterns reflect light on the faces of the tiles, but not in the grout. Some are super shiny, others are more matte. This helps with the illusion of depth and general prettiness. The effect is more apparent in dark colors and when you are moving the camera around.

The Highlight Layer:

Each of these patterns will appear to have one more recolorable channel than it really needs. This is the highlight, which is also tied to the grout color.

Known Issues:

TS3 seems to have some problems processing thin diagonal lines. The resulting 'crunchiness' is most apparent in the DiagonalTwoToneMatte tiles. It's not in my textures, and I can't fix it. I like them anyway.

Credit Where Credit is Due:

The GlassSubway set is based on phoenix_phaerie's gorgeous TS2 metro subway tiles.

DiagonalAndOctigonal, Ceramic Subway, and DiagonalTwoToneMatte, are based on TS2 walls and floors from dimsim78's Victorian Tile and Gourmet Kitchen Sets.

HexTiles are based on salix's hexagonal tiles over at GOS

The last two, DiagonalTwoToneGlass and SquareCeramicAndGlass, I hand painted.

As usual file names and thumbnails of each pattern are in the screen shots, so you can chuck what you don't want.

Additional Credits:
To Delphy - Without the update to the pattern packager, these would not have been possible.