Veggistuf Produce Bin Texture Fix

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Uploaded 4th Aug 2009 at 10:02 PM · Updated 4th Aug 2009 at 9:57 PM by Menaceman44

I always wondered why there were two of each colour for the 'Veggistuf Produce Display Bin' which came with the base game: two yellow; two green; two wood. I figured it was because one option should have had a price on the front like the corner display pieces do.

I took a look at the files and after altering the mapping on the meshes this is now the case! So it is now possible to choose if you want a price to show or not.

To have the changes reflected in the catalogue, hold down the CTRL key and right-click on the thumbnails which need updating.

(I forgot to do it to the main image in the above screenshot but did it on the little thumbnails as you can see.)

If you own Open for Business then this should also work if your displays ever become empty.

I hope you find this useful in your game and please DO NOT upload this elsewhere.

Additional Credits:
Wes H.

Type: Fixed

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