Hermosa Beach Surf Shack

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2009 at 9:05 PM

In Sims 3, you can't even swim in the ocean, let alone surf in it. Nonetheless, my party animal, daredevil 'surfer' type Sim needed a place to extreme sleep, extreme eat and shower until extremely clean, so I built him a beach house on stilts.
The house is raised above ground on stilts. There's parking for two beneath the house (you could probably get up to four cars under there, but it's a two bedroom house, so I placed two parking spots. Car shown in picture not packaged in lot.) Ground level features a pool and poolside bar, with a fantastic view of the unswimable ocean.

House features two double bedrooms, one and half baths, kitchenette and large living room with view of the beach. (Views dependent on lot placement)
Large deck is equipped for parties with BBQ and stereo.

I used 3 custom patterns on this lot. Gautla's Paint on Paint Old Wood texture gives the interior walls a beautifully distressed appearance.
Purplepaws' Aloha theme patterns (small & large) allowed me to sort of recreate my favorite wallpaper from the TS2 Teen Style pack surf theme for one of the bedrooms, and to make matching bedding. (I really miss that stupid deco surfboard!)

The patterns are included in the lot zip for convenience. Click the links to get the full pattern sets by these creators.

Lot size 30x30

Furnished price: 54,737
Unfurnished Price: 39,308

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 54,737

Custom Content Included:
- Paint on Paint Old Wood 1 by Guatla
- Aloha theme pattern by purplepaws
- Aloha the pattern small by purplepaws