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"He Blinded Me With Science" 5 Tees (YA/A Males) - UPDATE

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2009 at 5:15 AM
Updated: 9th Jul 2011 at 4:21 PM - Update with NEW Files - Fixed The Stencils

+ Please re-download +


The files has the SAME name as the original release so it will simply overwrite old files.
I fixed the graphic stencils. Now they look much better in game.

+ + + + +

Yes folks, I made shirts.
But don't ask how long I worked on these (I'm a total noob :P)
(From figured out how to make DDS Plug Ins works on my 'puter, learn the Tut -
bunch of Trial & Error - to finally had the "Gotcha!" moment)
Long story short, I made these stencil shirts (5 in total) for your YA/A Male Sims.
Why robot, you may ask? Cause they're COOL!
(Raise your hand if you agree ^_^)
I hope you like them as much as my sims and I like it.

Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!

"He Blinded Me With Science"

5 Stencil shirst for YA/A Males
Available in Everyday, Sleepwear & Athletic category.
(except for the stencils)

+ Bee Robot +
+ Robot For Science +
+ Tate's Robot Shirt +
(As seen here)
+ PlayBot +
+ Do You Like My Robot? +

+ + + + +

Models By Me:


Custom Content By Me:

Skinny Jeans
L4D Tattoos

Custom Contents I Used:

Skin by Subaxi
Eyes by Sims2Time

Hairs by
Cazy, Aikea & Savio

Eyebrows by Subaxi & KittyKlan
Chinstrap by KittyKlan
Lipgloss by Channy & Vivin
Eyelashes by Arisuka
Piercing by Astray Sims

Additional Credits: CTU Team for the tool
All creators above for creating cool CC. Thankies!
My Boys :lovestruc
(Ethan, Hayden & Jiro)