Two New Cheesy Majors: Grilled Cheese History AND Evil Cheese!

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2009 at 4:04 PM
I always wanted to make a Grilled Cheese major, so I made two new ones....with a twist. You'll see the differences as you read on. Have fun and please let me know what you think!

The Grilled Cheese History Major:

GUID: 0x005FFE0B
Cloned from: Art
Focus subjects: Creativity, Body, Cleaning, Cooking

It has ensured the survival of Simkind, been the downfall of empires and the inspiration behind great works of art. Pivotal events in history have rested solely upon the perfecting of that famous golden brown hue, investigated in detail by even Einstein himself. Such has been the influence of this culinary masterpiece that a degree is necessary to delve into all its historical wiles. Surely Grilled Cheese deserves to take its proper place on the throne of world cuisine!

Class Titles:
Semester 1: Survival of the Species: Grilled Cheese in the Ice Age
Semester 2: The Decisive Role of Grilled Cheese in the Fall of the Roman Empire
Semester 3: "The Grilled Cheese Cantata" by Bach
Semester 4: Wagner's "Ring" Cycle: Brunhilde's Favourite Snack
Semester 5: "E=mc2": Proof that Einstein really meant "Eat = my cheese grilled"
Semester 6: No Grilled Cheese?!! The Real Cause of the Great Depression
Semester 7: Elvis would have lived longer if he had eaten Grilled Cheese: The Proof
Semester 8: The Grilled Cheese Appreciation Society: How to Invite New Members

The Evil Cheese Major:

GUID: 0x005FFE0C
Cloned from: Physics
Focus subjects: Creativity, Logic, Charisma, Cooking

It has been the ruin of many otherwise brilliant Sims who gave in to the temptation of that first bite. World economies depend upon the mass-distribution of this innocent-looking meal, which exists solely to addict the populace and to implant mind-control radiation receivers within the brains of all who might indulge (a concept first made possible through the notorious work of Einstein himself). A group of courageous academic staff have finally come together to reveal the TRUTH about this dastardly cuisine and all its secret evils. Prepare to be shocked and scandalised, or to be finally able to look everyone else in the eye and say, "I told you so!"

Class Titles:
Semester 1: The Grilled Cheese Conspiracy: How it makes you eat more...and more...
Semester 2: An Inconvenient Snack: The REAL cause of Global Warming
Semester 3: Area 51: What they're REALLY cooking up out there
Semester 4: Hidden Hymns to Grilled Cheese in Songs Played Backwards
Semester 5: Cheesegate: Bella Goth caught planting Grilled Cheese in Llama HQ
Semester 6: The Griller Index: Preparing for the Coming of the Big Cheese
Semester 7: The Einstein Code: How the Big Cheese is Watching You
Semester 8: Just Say No: How to respond when someone offers you Grilled Cheese

You will need FrikaC's Major Hack to make these work properly.

These are copyright-owned by me so please don't do anything un-copyright-ish with them or I shall be forced to hunt you down and pour boiling grilled cheese over your head. Enjoy, and don't forget to write!