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future foe scenarios - multiple facial piercings for males and females

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2009 at 11:00 AM

These are multiple facial piercings for MALES & FEMALES, TEEN THROUGH ELDER. They're enabled for all clothing states (though I've yet to figure out how to accessorize a nude sim, so they're technically not shower-proof), plus maternity for the girls. I was originally going to have these all in one package, but I thought I'd go ahead and just do them as separates.

The piercings are lovely little things, and move perfectly with a sim's facial expressions. They will also fit on almost any facial sculpt you come up with.

Known Issue:

On some sims made with slider hacks you may run into distortion on the lip ring. There was no way to get around this with the meshes due to the way I set up the bone assignments, but you can fix the distortion if you're using a core mod that allows the 'editsim' cheat. Messing around with the lip sliders should 'snap' the lip ring back into the correct shape, and you should be able to recreate your sim's facial features more or less to how they were. This only came up in testing twice, so the chance you'll encounter this issue is slim, but I wanted to put the warning out anyway.


These are not multi-layerable, and are only available as the set shown here. In the future, I'll be happily recreating my multi-layerable piercings from TS2, but these aren't they. You can couple these with any other female earrings, and males can use these with either the double earrings, or the right earring. They won't layer with the left earring.

If you have any issues with these, please feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do about fixing whatever it is that went wrong.

These are fairly high-poly, though no more than all of my TS2 multi-layerable piercings had. They also have lower poly LODs.

DO NOT UPLOAD THESE TO ANY PAYSITE. Other than that, I don't care what you do with them. But when the night is over and the walls start burning, when fire starts to matter and the clock is churning, cliches and other chatter keeps our minds from learning.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
Lipstick, skintone, and eyes by me, available on Club Crimsyn.

Hair on female model by the wonderfully talented Bosie, available on Garden of Shadows.

Hair on male model by me for personal use.

Delphy, for CTU, and Wes H. for the Milk Shape plugins, without which these wouldn't have been possible.

Gobs of thanks and lurve to everyone who helped test these!!!