Charlie's Angels Actresses: Farrah Fawcett (new version), Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith

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Together at last, I present to you the original three actresses from Season 1 of Charlie's Angels: Farrah Fawcett who played Jill Munroe, Kate Jackson who played Sabrina Duncan, and Jaclyn Smith who played Kelly Garrett.

Jill was the "athletic angel," Sabrina was the "brainy angel" and Kelly was the "streetwise angel", though honestly when I would look at Jaclyn the last description that would come to mind would be "streetwise." Classy, yes, streetwise...not so much. She looked more like she would serve tea and cookies to the crooks than anything else.

I had already made a Farrah that was approved to MTS2:

This one in this upload is a newer version with a redone skintone and custom eyes I had made based off of Farrah's eyes. I leave it to you all to decide which one you prefer. I thought this newer one has better proportioned eyes and more accurate eyelids (with the help of Bruno's eye shadow) and looks prettier in-game, though they both are about evenly photogenic. The Bruno Eyeshadow is key to the resemblance and I recommend you don't change it out, as you could change the size and proportion of the lids and make her look less accurate. Her facial sculpt is tricky that way. But feel free to give her lipstick or blush. She looks great with Bruno's lipsticks from this SuperSet

And this Farrah is very pretty with a wide variety of hairstyles not usually associated with Farrah Fawcett. Don't be afraid to try some short or straighter styles on her.

Jaclyn is doubling as a skintone model for my FX2 Lite Skintone. I found both ladies hold their resemblances very well despite makeup changes. Kate also looks fabulous with Bruno's lipsticks from his Superset linked to above. Kate is also famous for her role as nurse Jill Danko in The Rookies and as Daphne Harridge in Dark Shadows, so give her some long straight hair and try her in those roles as well.

About hairs, I include in separate zip files my custom recolors of styles that most closely match each actress' trademark first season styles. These are recolors only, they do NOT include the meshes. The sims themselves are packaged in Maxis hair to avoid potential problems for downloaders who don't want to hunt for meshes to make recolors work.

The link for the mesh to Kate's long loosely curled style is at XM Sims and is here:

Farrah's longer feathered style is a Helga hair I recolored to a lighter blonde and the mesh is Helga hair 62 by Helga:

Jaclyn's dark hair recolor that I provided is also a Helga hair recolor, and it's Helga Hair 2, but the mesh is not at the Graveyard and of course, Helga's site is now down. I do have the mesh in my computer but I can not identify it, as it apparently does not follow the naming conventions Helga used for her later meshes. If anyone knows the name of this mesh, please post it and I will provide the mesh here or via a blog I'm making. (Moderators I can understand if you want me to remove my recolor since no mesh link is available but please note that other recolors of this style are posted to MTS2 with no way of obtaining the mesh, either).

If it turns out you can't use my dark hair recolor, Jaclyn also looks beautiful and accurate with the same hair I provided for Kate Jackson, as shown in the evening gown photos of Jaclyn wearing that exact hair.

Farrah comes packaged in the white tennis outfit shown, which is my recolor of base-game clothing. Kate and Jaclyn come packaged in Maxis base game generic clothing. I didn't include my recolors of their Charlie's Angels clothes that were pictured because they use meshes from the EP/SP's.

Farrah's sparkling Logan's Run evening gown and Kates' riding outfit and Jaclyn's bathing suit are recolors of non base game Maxis meshes.

On a personal note, I'd about finished up all the girls when I heard Farrah was doing very poorly. My heart just broke. She was my childhood idol and it was a sad thing to hear of her passing. May she rest in peace. I wish I were better with words and could give her a more eloquent tribute than that. I guess the best I can do is have her living in perpetual youth and health with her two good friends in my Sims' world. I hope these sims give my fellow Farrah and Charlie's Angels fans some happiness, too.


I had to make changes to this upload and being a bit confused since I don't get the same windows opening up when I originally submitted my files, I will go ahead and list the correct credits for the changed Kate Jackson file:

Kate Jackson:

Blush by LaExotique:

Brows by Barcelonista:

Hair Super Feathery Style by XM Sims:

Short Black Hair, Onde Style page 31, black hair section, by PronupSims:

Nosemask by Corvidophile of Sironasims

Lipstick and Eyes by Bruno of MTS2:

Eyebag by Rensim:

Eyeliner by Anva:

Custom Content by Me:
- Farrah Fawcett
- SS86_FFEyesAqua
- SS86_Farrah_Medium
- SS86_FarrahMaxisWhiteShirt
- SS86_WhiteFarrahShorts
- Jaclyn Smith
- Kate Jackson
- SS86_KateJackson
- SS86_XMHairKate
- SS86_HelgaFFHair
- SS86DarkBrownJaclynSmithHelgaHair2

Custom Content Included:
- helaene - realistic brows 2 - 6 by heleane
- Eye Shadow by Bruno
- Eye Liner by Barcelonista
- shady_smooth-brows-lightbrown by -Shady-
- Eyes by CharleighB
- MNG_Volume Shock Mascara by La Pink
- Blush by La Exotique
- Tempting Lips - Secret Rendezvous - [email protected] by Bruno
- ByBarcelonista by Barcelonista
- Olivia's Eyes - Ebony - [email protected] by Bruno
- ByBarcelonista by Barcelonista
- Blush by La Exotique
- Eyelights - Twilight - [email protected] by Bruno

Additional Credits:
Kate's Short Black Hair, Onde Style page 31, black hair section, by PronupSims:

Farrah's Hair Super Feathery Style is my custom recolor of an XM style by XM Sims: It's not available for upload because the quality is only good enough for photo-ops. It's not that good looking when you play it--there are funky holes in it.

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