Beautiful Vista buff adjustment - Little LOTte lot editor (Updated 8/28)

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2009 at 8:44 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 3:12 PM by Nysha
Sometimes it doesn't make sense WHAT lots have a beautiful vista. And occasionally a lot that is supposed to loses it.

Well, now you can make order of that chaos! Little LOTte is a simple lot editor that lets you adjust the beautiful vista buff for any lot, adding it or taking it away as you see fit. In addition, good lots tend to sell for more, and now you can say exactly how much or how little more!

It also works on world files, so every new game you start (Right, as if any of us do that) has the RIGHT values to begin with! (But you should probably back up a copy of your world files before modifying them.) However changing the world files will not alter your existing neighborhoods.

Requires .NET runtime 2.0 or a recent version of the mono runtime (For Mac OSX, mono 2.4.2 has been tested). To display sensible names for lots it needs to be able to find The Sims 3 install files.

Select just ONE of the files to download. The Windows installer contains a package to install it as an application on Windows. The exe only package contains only the program executable, for use on Windows or Mac OSX.

Update 8/28: Fixed a few issues running under mono and localizing strings for River View. Added a configuration to explicitly set the path which localized strings will be loaded from. (Mac users: You will need to type this in if your game is not in the default location. I could not figure out a way to allow browsing the application folder.)

Update 8/28 (2): Added configuration for where to find "My Documents", for localizing strings from River View.