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Vintage Back to School Collection - Hunter Green part 1

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2009 at 1:18 AM
Here begins the second collection based on the teen girls' school jumpers, this time the hunter green and gold. Not only the kids are going back to school but the teachers and administrators also. Here are a few separates for the older men in your families. Five shirts, three tucked and two untucked, team up with four different pairs of slacks, giving the gentlemen a wide variety of combinations. The tucked-in shirts include a pale sage, a sage stripe and a tan floral. The untucked shirts are in a gold multi-stripe and a tan star print. (They require a mesh by t2suggas which can be found here.) The tan star print shirt is also enabled for adults.

The slacks include a lovely dark hunter green flannel which matches the girl's jumper and three genuine Donegal tweeds imported from Ireland in shades of green and brown.
These are Maxis mesh but I use the default replacement by CatOfEvilGenius which can be found here. I love the length on these. They cover the ankles but show the shoes which was the preferred length in this vintage period.

Here are details of some of the fabrics.

The girl's jumper can be found here.

Denim collection can be found here. The mens' clothing is in the comments section.