No Foot Tapping While Waiting For Clear Route!

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Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2009 at 10:16 PM
Updated: 25th Feb 2010 at 1:07 AM - updating current patch/compatibility status
Don't strike a pose- Don't tap ya foot.
Just wait ya turn and it'll all be good!

So I killed the tantrum animation in a previous post, now it's time to kill off that foot tapping and sour-puss face expression too!

After installing this I was quite surprised to see that the game _almost_ seems quicker when not calculating that animation.. they just stand there and/or figure out another route quickly so we don't have to look like a bunch of Old Navy mannequins striking weird poses

I have experienced no conflicts with my huge pile of other installed mods. This is just killing the call for all cases of 'x:ScriptPosture' in both 'wait_ping' and 'wait_pong' of the 'standandwait' script in Jazzdata.package.

Install this like any of your other config mods: drop in the "Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages" folder.

2-24-2010 Yes, it's compatible!
Sims 3 + World Adventures + High End Loft Stuff + all patches as of 2010-02-24 are compatible with this mod.

Additional Credits:
Continued credit to EsmeraldaF for her "No more 'Handy sim' wrench-tossing animations" (, which gave me the jazz direction to start looking for things to de-animate
And of course, TigerM for the "Smooth Jazz animation script editor" (, which allowed for the quick and painless search/destroy of this animation.