Utsukushii-NO CC-Unfurnished and Fully-Furnished

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Cherry blossoms dance in the clean, white snow. Cold, crisp crunching sound on soft soles. Away, the crane soars.

I really love ancient Japanese architecture and was inspired by the EP BV to create a zen abode. Everything has been laid out in accordance to Feng Shui and only acceptable colours have been used. Read below for more info!

I have included two files: one Fully-Furnished and one Unfurnished. They are exactly what the description says. You can download either one. The Unfurnished version still includes all lights, kitchen objects, bathroom objects, phones, and tea service set among other necessary decorative items. All of the photos show the Fully-Furnished version.

I couldn't share all the pics here, so I have provided a link to view more including some night pics. Click HERE to view them on Photobucket.

Your Sims can be assured a place in the Buddha realms when they give tokens to their own personal Shinto shrine.

NOTE: there is room for a driveway (see pic below) and all you have to do is remove some shrubs and a wall. I didn't think it fit my Futile family, so I left it out with an option later.

This beautiful home features a private Shinto Shrine, outdoor tea house, two bedrooms, two full baths (with private WC's in each), beautiful gardens, two balconies, two entrances and a zen garden. Don't forget about the lake the home sits "on"!

Fully-Furnished: 251,337
Unfurnished: 210,271

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! If so, please take a moment and click "Thanks".

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 210,271 to 251,337

Additional Credits:
Thanks to everyone in Creator Feedback Forum for helping me choose the pics and for suggesting Photobucket.