Factory loft apartments - updated with new lot file Sep 17th

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Uploaded: 3rd Sep 2009 at 8:10 PM
Updated: 17th Sep 2009 at 9:00 AM
The old factories along the canal that haven't seen use in many years have suddenly become attractive again. Suddenly, living loft style is all the rage in Belladona Cove and disused factories are being converted into trendy apartments.

Former Lothario & Sons has been converted into two small apartments. Each has kitchen with dining space, living space, office space, bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Both have several balconies.

The cheaper apartment is decorated in a sleek and minimalist style. It costs 2,393 a week.

The other apartment is more rustic and with visible ceiling beams. It coms at the cost of 2,513 a week.

The canal adds atmosphere to the communal outdoor areas, where sims can barbercue, relax or play games. There's even the odd fish to be caught in the canal, now that it's not being used so heavily by ship traffic anymore.

There's even a parking space for the active family's car. Since it's impossible to place cars once the lot has been rezoned I have already placed a car on the driveway, which will become visible and useable when the lot is played.

lot size 2x3
lot price 2,393 – 2,513

flashing items in hood view
I should've written that the molded belt deco from AL for some reason flashes blue in hood view if you don't have the latest CEP update. EDIT: updating the CEP didn't seem to fully do the trick. Since I find flashing blue items in hood view annoying when playing, I've posted an alternative lot file without the belted molding. The file's clearly marked, so it's your pick ... - Thanks to wickedblue for mentioning the issue and testing a lot as well.

The lot has been build with AGS, a copy has been tested without issues and it's been cleaned with CI. Also, to avoid confusion please be aware that pictures have been taken within my main game with all the EPs and packs that I own.

If you're interested in more canal lots to go with this one, check out my profile.

credits for included cc
long and privacy gearhead windows

credits for cc needed but not included
closed canal locks, canal bank and bollard ring

additional credits
All the cc, utility and program creators who made this lot possible. Without you there'd be no game!