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Main Street Mobile Houses - remake of Maxis lot

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2009 at 4:06 PM
Having experiencing multiple issues with Maxis Main Street Mobile Homes lot which was placed in Belladonna Cove with Apartment Life EP (one of them I mentioned in “What glitch has scared/surprised you the most?” - thread , but it wasn’t the only trouble with that lot, unfortunately) and having found out in forums that the lot was in fact buggy per Maxis fault, I decided to make my own trailer park lot for my poor Sims and which one I'd be able to play without fearing any weird glitches and complications.

It’s based on the original, I only took some liberties with a floor plan for each trailer and furnishing. The way I planned it, the longest trailer on the left is meant for a family with two kids, while two trailers on the right are for Romance/Pleasure/Popularity single Sims – Murphy beds are great for a private WooHoo but can be put back up in the wall during daytime to give more space for parties.
All five trailers are fully furnished, albeit with the cheapest items available ;-)

Lot was built in AnyGameStarter and it requires Apartment Life EP only, Custom Content wasn’t used at all. Lot was play-tested for couple of Sim days in different saved games of mine and functioned perfectly.

Lot Size: 5x2
Lot Price: $945-$1.185