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"Not Your Average Man" - 3 Short Shorts For YA/A Male

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2009 at 1:58 AM
Updated: 9th Jul 2011 at 4:19 PM - Add New File (Fixed The Problem)

Please download the new file.
I already fixed the problem. Thank you.
(You can see it in the screenshot)

Not too special just 3 short shorts for your male sims who
like to show off their long beautiful legs ... just kidding.
Anyway, these are recolorable (1 alpha channel),
Non Default and for YA/A Male.
You can find them in all category outfits including Career.
(Who knows maybe some sims like to wear shorts to work, LOL)

As always...
Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!



Models by Me:
(You can get them from this site)

Jiro, from here
Hayden, from here
Paul, from here

Custom Content By Me:

Jiro & Paul's shirts, from here
Hayden's shirt, from here
Tattoos by Me (Unreleased)

Other Custom Content I used

Face and Body by Aikea, from here

Facial Hair
Chinstrap by Robokitty, from here
Brow by Nandonalt, from here


Aikea, from here
Bosie, from here
Cazy, from here

Additional Credits:
Delphy, for CTU Tool
All creators above for making great CC! Thankies!
My Models (ILU, Guys! ^__^)