two boxes and a bunker - canal lot

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2009 at 8:45 PM
Updated: 16th Sep 2009 at 7:09 PM
For those who can afford it, the canal side is the perfect spot to build a new house. Some sims enjoy contemporary architecture and others don't. These houses are popularly known as "the two boxes and the bunker". Naturally, the lots don't come cheap and the houses neither, so that's why there's no garden to speak of.

(In order to create a feel of a living neighbourhood, the three houses are technically apartments. I may turn these into single lots later, still thinking about whether to do it or not.)

The first house is an urban interpretation of rusticity. (Ideally, it should be furnished with more contemporary rustic furniture, but I try to minimise cc. I'm sure you've got your download folder quite full, so just get at it ...) It costs 5,128 a week and comes with:
large kitchen with dining space
3 bathrooms (one on each floor)
2 bed rooms
living room
private patio with barbercue

The middle house, popularly called "the bunker", is an eco house with grass on the roof. Inside it's very minimalist and all concrete with a few splashes of colour. It's by far the cheapest of the three houses at 3,226 a week. It contains:
kitchen with dining and living space
2 bathrooms (one on each floor)
2 bedrooms
study area

The last and most expensive house is the "yellow box". It's most interesting feature is the full height main room that spans all three floors. It costs 5,264 a week and contains:
hall - large enough for other activities
2 bathrooms
2 bedrooms
living room
top floor balcony

lot size: 5x3
lot price: 3,226 – 5,264

note - important please read!
The lot has been build with AGS, a copy has been tested without issues and it's been cleaned with CI. I've normally not had problems with canal apartment lots. This one, however, keeps teasing me. You may experience flooding when you first move someone in. Just save and exit to the hood, then move the lot and place it again. When loaded again, everything is as it should be. So consider placing the lot somewhere to the side first, then after the first loading put it in the place where you want it to be.

cc by me
yellow concrete wall

credits for included cc
modern fence set

space center windows

credits for cc needed but not included
closed canal locks and bank, Lagorette build set

metro window set

credits for cc shown but neither needed nor included
hood deco buildings

additional credits
Every cc, utility and program creator. Thank you for enabling me to make this game into (nearly) whatever I want it to be.

Also thanks to everyone who downloads my creations - the 10,000 downloads mark was passed this very week! I appreciate every comment and every time you hit the "thanks" button. I think every creator likes to recieve feedback in some form or other